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Oscar Entertainment debuts new singing group named “Lush”

A new Kpop Rookie group has made its debut into the industry, and they’re looking to rise to the top by showcasing their vocal talents.

The new Kpop group is called Lush, and they’re being managed by Oscar Entertainment, a label known for harboring other well-known acts like Bobby Kim and Buga Kingz. Lush debuted with their single “Feeling Insignificant”, however, they promote their song “Second Crush” on music shows.

Oscar Entertainment debuts new singing group named Lush

Lush consists of members Jamie, Mini, and Sara. All 3 singers are 25 years old, which is shocking considering how the industry usually consists of younger idols. However, like J.Y. Park stated in Dream High 2, age is just a number. Jamie, Mini, and Sara are all experienced vocalists and have even been vocal trainers at certain points in their life.

You can check out their debut performance on M! Countdown below. Lush has been well-received so far, impressing Kpop fans all around with their powerful, and controlled vocals. Alongside their great live performance of “Second Crush”, the girls also impressed Kpop fans with their cover of “Mamma Knows Best” and “Present”.

Check out Lush’s performances below. At this rate, it looks like these girls have a great chance at surviving their debut and making it in the business.

Lush – Second Crush

Lush – Present

Lush – Mamma Knows Best

Source: Allkpop

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    I’m a fan!!!

  2. Dinh says

    When Moonkyu can debut??? I know this group from Moonkyu 🙁 They are good but they didn’t have enough promotion

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