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OSEN compares 5Live’s Park Sung Jin to Lee Min Ho

5Live’s lead vocalist, Park Sung Jin, made a guest appearance on “Hidden Singer 2“, where he participated as 1 of 5 singers who were imitating J.Y. Park that night.

He was very determined to be part of the program that night. He competed against 35 other people for the position.

Park Sung Jin’s appearance had netizens gashing over his good looks, however, it seems like OSEN is taking it one step further.

OSEN wrote an article comparing Park Sung Jin’s good looks to that of actor Lee Min Ho’s, causing a bit of a stir in the netizen community.

OSEN compares Park Sung Jin to Lee Min Ho

Many netizens admitted that Park Sung Jin is definitely handsome, but still not on Lee Min Ho’s level.

Here’s some of the responses translated by NetizenBuzz:

1. [+122, -11] Not up to Lee Min Ho’s level but he is quite handsome

2. [+106, -6] Ehh… not Lee Min Ho.. I don’t actually think he resembles anyone.. but he is handsome.

3. [+88, -19] Maybe Lee Min Ho after three lives

4. [+80, -14] No resemblance at all

5. [+39, -11] Not at all~~

6. [+24, -2] You’re going to get in trouble with Lee Min Ho fans..

7. [+17, -1] Maybe FT Island’s Lee Hongki ㅎㅎㅎ

It does seem like there is some media play going on with this article, because why write about comparing a current trainee to a top-tier actor like Lee Min Ho? Only to start a controversy between fanbases and to get 5Live and as well Park Sung Jin’s name out there.

Nonetheless, we can all agree that Park Sung Jin is good looking in his own right.

5Live will be making their debut soon. They will differentiate from other idol groups in the industry because instead of focusing on singing/dancing, they’ll focus solely on vocal performances.

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    He looks like park shin hye lol.

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