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Overwatch All-Access Pass owners will receive free skins in May

Fans who have purchased the Overwatch League’s all-access pass this season will receive 12 free skins for their Blizzard accounts in May.

Each of these “Away” skins will represent one of the teams that participated in the Overwatch League.

They’re for the following characters:

  1. D.VA
  2. Ana
  3. Zarya
  4. Genji
  5. Sombra
  6. Lucio
  7. Widowmaker
  8. Orisa
  9. Winston
  10. Reinhardt
  11. Zenyatta
  12. Junkrat

Check the image above to see which character is repping which team.

The all-access season pass is available to purchase for $30 for non-Twitch Prime users and $20 for Twitch Prime users.

All Twitch users are able to use the all-access pass until May 15th for free, however, you have to actually purchase the pass in order to receive the 12 “Away” skins.

The Overwatch League all-access pass allows fans of the game to view more content related to the competition.

It’s called a (virtual) backstage pass which gives super fans tons of more ways to enjoy the Overwatch League stream.

They can:

  1. Access multi-view streams via the “Command Center”, which includes player facecams, player stats, alternative in-game cameras, backstage cameras, and more.
  2. Get insider videos of the professional players.
  3. Watch post-match interviews.
  4. Watch map breakdowns by top players.
  5. Watch a weekly video series titled “Behind-the-Screens” which follows a top player each week as they guide you through their mindset and POV from their match a week before.

All-Access users will also receive more in-game goodies such as sprays, player icons, badges, and more.

They’ll get custom Twitch emotes and chat badges to show off their love for Overwatch all throughout the website.

They’ll be given access to the passholders’ exclusive chat rooms where they can submit daily questions for the post-match Q&A sessions.

And etc, etc.

More goodies and benefits will come as the 2018 Overwatch season continues.

The current all-access pass will continue until the start of the 2019 Overwatch League season.


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