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Pepsi Korea chooses Ladies’ Code to model for their next CF

Ladies’ Code has landed their very first endorsement, showing just how highly regarded they are as a K-Pop rookie group. Their endorsement isn’t a small one either. Pepsi, one of the bona fide gods of the cola industry, has decided to use the women of Ladies’ Code as models for their Korean division. The girls will be filming a commercial soon that will represent Pepsi’s campaign, “OPEN YOUR PEPSI NOW”.

Polaris Entertainment released a statement regarding Ladies’ Code’s big win. The company stated,

“Ladies’ Code are receiving endorsement requests for endorsements with cosmetics, beverages, and more various brands, showcasing the high interest in their comeback.”

Ladies Code lands their first endorsement deal with Pepsi Korea

Landing a huge endorsement deal isn’t Ladies’ Code’s only win this week. The girls have just returned with their comeback single, “Hate You”, and it has already become a huge hit. The single reached #1 on Bugs Music’s real-time chart, and ranked high on 4 other major music charts. Keep in mind that these girls have only been in the business for 5 months and they’re already gaining all of this attention. Imagine what these girls could pull off a year from now.

Source: Allkpop

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