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[Photos] EXO at Jackie Chan’s Benefit Concert

SMTOWN has released some official images of EXO at Jackie Chan’s Benefit Concert.

The concert, called “Peace & Love & Friendship” was Jackie Chan’s birthday celebration concert, and EXO was one of the lucky guests invited to perform!

What’s even more amazing was the stellar star line-up that EXO got to perform alongside.

Included in that line-up was some of China’s most popular singers, including Wang Lee Hom and Jay Chou.

SMTOWN releases pictures of EXO at Jackie Chan's Benefit Concert 3

We’re glad that Jackie Chan considers EXO friends.

It must have been a dream come true for the Chinese members of EXO to perform at Jackie Chan’s concert, and alongside some of their own favorite idols.

EXO gifted Wang Lee Hom  with a signed copy of their “Miracles in December” album (Chinese version), and Kris got to take a picture with his idol “Jay Chou”.

Kris and Lay love Jay Chou! You can check out their cover of Jay’s song “Rainbow” here.

We will try to get some video footage of EXO at Jackie Chan’s concert soon, but until then, enjoy the pictures below!

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