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[Photos] Happy Camp Weibo update


We’re less than a week away from Happy Camp’s special EXO episode, set to air July 5th!

Happy Camp has just updated its Weibo page with a few screen caps of their upcoming episode.

The screens show very little more than what we’ve seen in Happy Camp’s preview commercial, but we do get to see a hint of some more things we can expect on July 8th.

Like… that Kai likes to complain a lot, or that Chen has a lot of clothes.

Translation credit: SM_EXO

EXO Happy Camp Weibo update 1

Trans: Kai likes to complain.

EXO Happy Camp Weibo update 3

Trans: Of all the stuffed animals he has, Chen likes to sleep with his teddy bear the most.

EXO Happy Camp Weibo update 2

The EXO members love to read Japanese manga, especially One Piece.

EXO Happy Camp Weibo update 5

Trans: This is all Chen’s clothes

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