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Pre-order EXO’s The War today!

Pre-orders are now up for EXO’s 4th full album, “The War”! Support EXO and get a copy (or 5) today!

There’s 5 different varieties that you can choose from;

  1. EXO’s Vol. 4 – The War (Korean Version)
  2. EXO’s Vol.4 – The War (Chinese Version)
  3. EXO’s Vol.4 – The War (Korean Version + Poster)
  4. EXO’s Vol.4 – The War (Chinese Version + Poster)
  5. EXO’s Vol.4 – The War (Korean and Chinese version)

All pre-orders will count towards the Hanteo and GaON music charts, so you’ll be helping the boys out a lot with your pre-orders.

The expected shipping day for these albums is July 21st.

Let’s go help these guys win a bunch of trophies from music shows and a bunch of year-end daesangs!

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