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Preview for “EXO Next Door” on March 7th!

We’re about to get a preview of EXO’s upcoming mini-series “EXO Next Door“.

Teaser pictures have been spread around telling fans that if they are attending the EXO’LuXion concert on the 7th, they will be able to catch a sneak preview of the upcoming series starring all EXO members as well as actress Moon Ga Young.

The series will be broadcasted in April through Naver TVcast as well as the LINE Messaging App. You may remember LINE as the latest application company that EXO is endorsing.

Here we’ll be seeing EXO’s acting chops. We already know that D.O will do a good job, but who knows? Perhaps there’s some more hidden actors within the group.

Preview of EXO Next Door to be released on March 7th

Of course, you can’t have any news about EXO without netizens throwing a hissy fit and nasty comments towards the boys.

Here’s what netizens are saying about EXO Next Door, translated by NetizenBuzz:

1. [+1,645, -61] Crazy….

2. [+1,416, -30] SM, please… please stop creating cringeworthy history for your artists… Starting with HOT, you’ve always forced them into doing such cringey things;;

3. [+998, -34] Hopefully this doesn’t turn into something they’ll regret

4. [+968, -63] I’m already bored of it..

5. [+190, -6] They’re going to regret this 5 years from now aren’t they

6. [+182, -4] Just thinking about EXO living next door to me scares me ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+158, -5] SM’s always been obsessed with cringey things like this;; from dramatized music videos to all sorts of embarrassing web dramas… Should’ve just gone with a short variety show.

8. [+126, -6] I’m a fan but I don’t want to watch it ㅋㅋㅋ feels cringe

9. [+110, -21] Can we shoot ‘EXO Joins Our Army Unit’ instead

10. [+69, -4] If EXO lived next door to me, I’d probably be miserable because of their sasaeng fans..

But if you’re an EXO-L, you’re probably immune to all of their comments by now.

Let’s look forward to the preview coming out in 2 days. Also, get excited because EXO will also be revealing their comeback songs on the 7th as well!

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