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Prosecutors Seek 5-Year Prison Sentence for Celebrity Chef

From one scandal to another, things are not working out so well for celebrity chef Lee Chan Oh.

Some would say that it’s karma for him having an affair (more on that below).

Chef Lee Chan Oh, known for appearing on the variety show, “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” has found himself in some more hot controversy, but this controversy could land him in prison for up to 5 years.

Lee Chan Oh was arrested recently for smoking marijuana, or more specifically hashish.

At first he denied smoking the drug, but a urine test proved him wrong.

Then he admitted that he smoked the drug not only once, but multiple times.

The prosecutors on his case are even saying that he smuggled the drug into the country himself.

Lee Chan Oh’s defense countered by saying that an acquaintance of his from the Netherlands gave him the drugs, and that there’s no proof that Lee was even in the country when the exchange happened.

While smoking marijuana isn’t a big deal in countries like the United States, in Asian countries, it’s a huge, possibly career-ending crime.

South Korea even has a Narcotics Control Act in place and we’ve seen celebrities be punished severely for violating it.

Lee Chan Oh’s sentencing will take place on July 24th, and there we will find out just what kind of punishment he’s in for.


Lee Chan Oh isn’t a stranger to scandals though.

Just last year, he was caught canoodling with a woman who most definitely wasn’t his wife.

The sighting happened while Lee Chan Oh was vacationing on Jeju Island with acquaintances.

A part-time worker recorded him and the woman being extra flirty and touchy with each other.

She sent the video to her older sister, who of course leaked it on social media where it went viral.

While Lee Chan Oh and his company vehemently denied that he was having an affair and that the woman was just a friend, netizens didn’t believe him.

His wife stood by his side for a little while, but eventually she decided to divorce him.

Lee Chan Oh stated that that’s the reason why he started doing drugs in the first place.

Because he started feeling depressed after his divorce and needed a pick-me-up.

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