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Red Velvet Seulgi – Member Profile and Facts

Below is Red Velvet Seulgi’s profile and fun facts.

She is the lead singer of Red Velvet. She is also one of the main dancers, a rapper, and a visual for the group.

She is most known for her resemblance to SNSD’s Taeyeon, but in appearance and in vocals.

Check out her profile below!

Red Velvet Seulgi - Member Profile and Facts

Biography – Member Profile and Facts:

  • Stage Name:
  • Real Name:Kang Seulgi.
  • Nickname: Kkangseul, GomDoli, and Teddy bear.
  • Position:Lead vocalist, main dancer, rapper, visual.
  • Born:February 10th, 1994.
  • Hometown: Ansan, South Korea.
  • AstrologicalZodiac Sign: Aquarius .
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign:
  • Family: Older brother, Father, Mother.
  • School: Byungmal Middle School. Seoul Performing Arts High School.
  • Height:162cm or 5 feet 4 inches.
  • Weight:42kg or 92lbs.
  • Blood Type:
  • Habits: She says it’s “leaving behind a trail”.
  • Personality: She isn’t moody. She laughs a lot.


  • Favorite Foods: Bread, meat, braised spicy chicken. She also likes chocolate, ramen, eggs and soy sauce rice, and Sujebi (clear soup with dumplings).
  • Favorite Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, playing the guitar, drawing.
  • Favorite Color:Orange, because it is the color of a refreshing vitamin.
  • Favorite Movie:You are the Apple of my Eye.
  • Favorite Music:Calming music, New Age, Acoustic.
  • Favorite Numbers:20, because she thinks it’s a pretty number.
  • Favorite Types of Clothes: She likes dark colors and chic clothing.
  • Favorite Motto: “Be a charitable person. People who are charitable to others are really cool.” Or “Let’s become a person who can receive and give love.”
  • Ideal Type: Someone comfortable. Someone who laughs a lot and looks pretty when they laugh. Someone who is fresh and youthful. Someone who is caring and has a cute-like face and likes to act cute.


  • Role Models: Beyonce
  • Celebrities they’re close with: f(x)’s Krystal, Sulli, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, and EXO’s Kai.

Red Velvet Seulgi - Member Profile and Facts 1

Red Velvet Seulgi’s Fun Facts:

  • She has been a trainee since 2007.
  • She was a trainee for 7 years.
  • She trained with f(x) and EXO.
  • She is fluent in Japanese.
  • First member of the SM Rookies pre-debut team.
  • Featured in Henry’s song “Butterfly”.
  • She was featured in Henry’s “Fantastic” MV.
  • As an SM Rookie, she was featured in the videos, “Christmas Carol”, “Sweet Cake”, “The Rooftop”, and “Be Natural”.
  • She starred in the SM Entertainment musical, “School Oz” as Dorothy.
  • She says that family is her source of strength. They always cheered her up, believed in her, and supported her.
  • She made it into SM Entertainment through a public audition.
  • They call her the “2nd Taeyeon” because of her vocal ability.
  • She was featured in ABC’s documentary, “K-Pop Boot Camp”.
  • She collects stickers, pens, and notes.
  • She likes to relieve stress by writing in a diary and eating delicious food with friends.
  • She has appeared in several CFs, including Baskin Robbins, Lotte Peppero, Meters/Bonwe, and BLACK Martine SITBON.
  • She appeared in The Celebrity magazine and OhBoy! Magazine with her other pre-debut SM Rookies Irene, Taeyong, and Johnny.
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