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Reply 1988 PD hints EXO candidate could be Chinese

It was hinted before that an EXO member would join the cast of Reply 1988 and the Reply 1988 PD has just confirmed that it’s a strong possibility!

We thought that Chen would be the most likely candidate for the role because rumors were floating around on Naver and OSEN saying so, but now there’s a chance that the EXO member may be either Lay or Tao.

The PD said that race doesn’t matter when it comes to casting, hinting that he’s looking into the two Chinese members currently in the group.

We know Lay is currently preparing for a Chinese movie “Oh My God“, so perhaps Tao would be the candidate. We know that Tao is constantly practicing his acting, so perhaps he’d be great for the role.

Reply 1988 PD says EXO member a strong candidate

The Reply series is one of the most favorite cable drama series in South Korea right now and it has had a phenomenal effect on many actors’ and idols’ careers.

We hope that whichever EXO member does get the role in Reply 1988, he’ll receive positive reviews and have many doors open for him.

D.O’s star level skyrocketed because of his appearance in “It’s Okay, That’s Love” and netizens love him now. We’d love to see the same thing happen for someone else in the group.

Source: EXO_Fanbase

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