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Round 2 of SK LTE’s EXO Dance Battle has kicked off!

SK LTE’s EXO vs EXO dance battle has just entered round 2!

This round, it’s Sehun vs Kris vs Xiumin vs Baekhyun.

Each member did their own hilarious rendition of SK LTE’s Noot dance.

Unlike round 1, where it was clear that Chen would be the winner, round 2 is more cutthroat!

Round 2 of SK LTE's EXO Dance Battle kicks off

Right now, Xiumin is in 1st place with 43% of the votes, but Baekhyun is following closely behind at 40%! So it can be either one’s game.

Sehun is following far behind with 11% of the votes, and Kris is in last place with only 7% of the votes.

It’s exciting to see who will come out on top. I’m actually very proud of Xiumin for being in first place. It’s good that he’s getting a lot of recognition.

Round 2 will last until October 29th, so hurry and place your votes now!

On October 29th, the final round will commence between D.O, Suho, Luhan, and Lay!

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