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Round 3 of SK LTE’s EXO vs EXO dance battle has started!

The final preliminary rounds for SK LTE’s EXO vs EXO dance battle has kicked off!

This battle is between D.O, Suho, Luhan, and Lay.

All the boys did well, but of course D.O looked the most adorable. He did his trademark “spin around aimlessly in a circle” maneuver and that was more than enough to seal his victory.

I know, I know, voting has just begun… but already D.O has 55% of all the votes, putting him miles ahead of everyone else. He has 4,200 of the votes already.

Round 3 of SK LTE's Dance Battle has kicked off

Luhan comes in at a faraway 2nd place with 16% of the votes, or 1,177 of the votes.

Suho follows closely behind with 15% of the votes, or 1,137 of the votes,

and Lay is in last place with 14% of the votes, or 1,051 of the votes.

It’s clear that D.O will win, similar to round 1 where it was fairly obvious that Chen was going to win.

I believe that after round 3 is finished, SK LTE will hold a final battle round with each winner competing for 1st place… but we’ll see.

Check out round 3 below! And you can place your votes here.

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