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Roundup of all BTS “Fake Love” Celeb Hype, Love, and Press

BTS has just released their latest album, “Love Yourself: Tear” and it’s an international supernova.

They’re receiving recognition from everywhere and of course netizens are especially happy that American celebrities and media are praising the boys and their music.

Here is a roundup of all of the celebrity praise, love, and hype surrounding BTS and their new album.

BTS – Love Yourself: Tear – Fake Love Celebrity & Press Hype

1. Fuse.TV releases an article detailing BTS’ global expansion and dominance with Love Yourself: Tear.

  1. The article breaks down the album and lists the celebrities and producers involved in creating their single, “Fake Love”.
  2. They also hype up BTS’ upcoming performance at the Billboard Music Awards and how they’ll be sharing the stage with other big names like Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, and more.

2. Billboard arranges the seating chart so that BTS will be sitting in the front row.

    1. A huge honor for the boys.
    2. Many other notable celebrities are sitting behind them, including Zedd, who has expressed interest in collaborating with the boys sometime in the future.

3. The CEO of Dick Clark Productions is awed by BTS’ rehearsal for the BBMAs.

    1. Mike Mahan, CEO of Dick Clark Productions, which is  most famous for their New Year’s Eve show, “Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve“, the Billboard Music Awards, the Golden Globes, the American Music Awards, etc, has tweeted his amazement at watching BTS rehearse for their Billboard Music Awards performance.

4. Taylor Swift listens to BTS’ discography on Spotify.

  1. Mainly their latest album “Love Yourself: Tear” and the MIC Drop Steve Aoki remix (ft Desiigner).

5. The boys are signed under Columbia Records in the United States.

  1. Columbia also confirms that “Fake Love” will be playing on radio stations throughout the United States starting today.
  2. BTS signed by Columbia Records Radio station fake love

6. Speaking of which, “Fake Love” has been edited for the radio.

  1. The Korean word “naega” has been edited out for sounding too much like the racial slur… you know the one.
  2. Columbia Records did this to avoid any negative press and reactions towards BTS’ new song.

7. BTS is also signed under Def Jam France.

  1. The company will be playing BTS’ discography on NRJHITS radio, one of the biggest radio stations in Europe.
  2. Def Jam France will also be doing a special segment for BTS featuring their song DNA.

8. John Cena votes for BTS for the Billboard Music Awards.

  1. He even tweets his support for them.

9. BTS crashes Genie.

  1. After their album dropped on Genie, Genie’s servers crashed.
  2. Genie released a statement saying that that was the first time it has ever happened.

10. BTS breaks MelON’s record for most unique listeners for song’s 1st hour of release.

  1. A total of 107,885 unique listeners streamed BTS’ “Fake Love” within the 1st hour of its release.
  2. That’s the highest number of unique listeners for any song ever released on MelON.

And that’s all for the roundup for now. 

We’ll keep updating this post as more hype arises for BTS.

We’re so proud of our boys and we hope they continue to be extraordinary.

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