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[Rumor] EXO’s Lay to release a solo album in 2016!


Here’s a rumor we’re hoping is true for Lay! Apparently he’ll be the first EXO member to release a solo album!

This rumor comes from “Xingle Studio“, which has given details about many of EXO’s past news before. Nonetheless, we’ll classify this as a rumor until SM Entertainment confirms it.

There is no specific release date for his album, but we do know that it’ll be released sometime in 2016.

The album will be composed of half Korean/half-Chinese songs. Speaking of composing, we’re sure that most of the songs will be composed/written by Lay himself! We know he’s been dying to release some of his own original music, and now he’ll have his chance!

Rumor EXO's Lay to release his own solo album next year

We’re so happy for our Yixing and we hope/we know his album will be a major hit.

Lay’s new album will be released under SM Entertainment and not under Lay’s personal studio.

We hope that EXO fans won’t be too upset that Yixing is the first member to be able to have a solo album, and not a vocalist like D.O, Baekhyun, or Chen.

We also hope that fans won’t go around saying that the only reason Lay is getting a solo album is because SM Entertainment is desperately trying to keep him in EXO.

We know that the other members will also get their own opportunity to release their own solo albums in due time, so let’s be patient.

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