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[Rumor] NCT 127 to make a comeback in mid-November!

Rumor has it that NCT 127 is set to make a comeback next November!

The rumor source is from a Weibo user by the name of 蝴蝶大叔票务, but many followers trust this user for their info leaks, so we’ll bite.

Fans are excited to see Taeyong, Jaehyun, Taeil, Yuta, Mark, WINWIN, and Haechan back in action again, but many are wondering where are the other members like Johnny, Hansol, and Qian Kun?

They have been on standby since forever.

Seriously, it would be nice to see those three debut this year.

Rumor NCT 127 to comeback in November

Another rumor sprouted a month or so back that SM Entertainment would be debuting a Chinese NCT team, but those plans seem to have been pushed back to an unknown date in 2017…

So if it’s true that those three are part of the Chinese team, we won’t be seeing them this holiday season T_T.

While it sucks that they won’t be debuting yet, it’s still nice that we’re getting another dose of NCT.

It’s been 2 months since the last NCT unit debuted, so we’re ready for another dose.

I, personally, love the NCT system. Even though some say they don’t understand it and think it’s too experimental, I think it’s great to have music come from them all-year-round.

Plus the swapping of members in and out allows all of them time to relax and rest up while others jump into the spotlight.

I can’t wait to see what NCT 127 brings to us in November.

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