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Rumor: NCT Dream to debut in September

Update: Official info released. Read about it here!

A new NCT unit is rumored to be debuting next month in September.

The unit, dubbed NCT Dream, is going to be much different compared to the other units.

The members will be super young, with the oldest only being a 99er.

Only two members are known so far; Mark (the leader) and Jisung.

Now of course, a music industry worker was the one who leaked the information and this isn’t coming from SM Entertainment themselves.

NCT Dream Mark to debut in September

So until then, this news is classified as a rumor.

However, people seem to trust the rumor’s source seeing as she predicted the NCT 127 line-up as well as their debut date.

NCT Dream sounds like it’ll be an… interesting unit, however the line-up just seems super, super young. Everyone in the group will be less than 16 years old.

Let’s hope that SM Entertainment knows what they’re doing.

Let’s also hope that Hansol and Johnny will eventually make their debut…

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