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Rumor of NCT’s Taeyong ignoring an EXO fan surfaces


Now take this rumor with a grain of salt because, of course, this could just be a story from an anti-fan looking to tarnish NCT Taeyong’s reputation even more.

A Korean netizen created a post on PANN about Taeyong and how he was rude to her at the premiere of EXO D.O’s new movie “Pure Love“. Apparently it made things super awkward for his fellow SM Rookies, as well as their manager.

Because of Taeyong’s past, this story has been getting a lot of attention.

Check out her story of Taeyong’s alleged rudeness below, translated by KpopKfans.

Rumor of NCT Taeyong being rude to an EXO fan


“At a movie premiere of Pure Love, the SM Rookies sat behind me. Taeyong was so handsome so I said, “heok, Taeyong oppa.” A member who was sitting beside him smiled and called him, but he didn’t even glance at me and kept looking straight. The member looked flustered and the manager apologized me instead.”

“The manager asked me, “So what’s going on? ^^” and I answered, “Ah, I’m a fan. I wanted to take a photo if it wouldn’t be a bother…” The manager apologized me. But Taeyong was still looking straight even when I was talking to the manager.”

“I tweeted it because it hurt my pride and made me upset but it’s getting retweeted and copied… It doesn’t matter if Taeyong fans swear at me ㅋㅋ I wasn’t rude, I’m confident. I knew his true personality but I didn’t know that it was this much. I was worried if I was a bother but wow.”

(Reply to someone) “It’s my tweet and it’s my business. I just wrote that the scammer made me flustered. He’s the only Rookies person I know, so I greeted him and said I’m a fan.”

“I wouldn’t have talked to him if there were a lot of people or if people were looking at him. I almost cried.”

“It was my first time of getting ignored in my face.”

“Am I a sasaeng? Did I ask for a selca? Did I ask for an autograph?”

“I didn’t expect him to smile at me. I didn’t want to take a picture of him because it could be rude. I just said I’m a fan but he didn’t even look at me. Am I dust or what?”

That would sound like a very flustering situation.

Netizens are all riled up. Check out their comments, translated by KpopKfans:

1. [+282, -1] His scamming stories are not exaggerated. It’s true that he scammed people and cursed people’s parents.

2. [+233, -0] He scammed at a young age. I don’t think his mentality is normal.

3. [+215, -0] “You must not have a mom, haha” was so shocking

4. [+90, -2] Aren’t SM artists amazing? There are singers who have visuals and talents like Minho and Suho. Taeyong is a typical kid who’s all about visual ㅋㅋㅋ He thinks he can get away with anything because of his face. It’ll all go back to him. Can someone tell me why he’s becoming a singer? Shouldn’t he be thankful that they cast him? His brain is different from others.

5. [+67, -9] It’s a shame that a jerk like him is in SM. SM needs to expel him if they don’t want to end up like YG.

6. [+59, -2] None of the members of SNSD, SHINee, EXO, f(x), and Red Velvet had a personality controversy like him. He hasn’t even debuted but he has all sorts of controversies ㅋㅋ

7. [+56, -0] Let’s see if they expel the SM trainee P.S.Y ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+46, -0] If he debuts and holds a fansign, he’ll tell a fat fan, “Wow, are you guys three? You must not have a mom, haha ^^”

We sincerely hope that this fan account isn’t true, because we, for one, would love to think that Taeyong has grown up and grown out of his bullying phase.

Rumor has it that NCT’s Korean group will be debuting in April, and so far Taeyong is still included in their line-up. We hope that no more of these stories surface and that Taeyong can create a more positive image of himself.

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