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Rumors about Suho’s father being part of a pro-Japanese group

Rumors are blowing up in South Korea right now about EXO-K Suho’s father.

His dad, who is a professor at Soon Chun Hyang University, has been revealed to be part of a right-wing organization called “New Right” since January 24th, 2007.

The organization is pro-Japanese, which of course pisses off a lot of Koreans.

I do find the timing of this revelation a bit suspect though.

Rumors of EXO Suho's father being part of a pro-japanese group

The timing of this rumor just seems very planned out.

EXO is just about to launch their next tour of solo concerts in Japan.

It was just revealed recently that iKON BI’s own father has been involved in a giant scandal.

Why is this rumor just blowing up now when Suho’s father has been allegedly part of “New Right” since 2007.

It just seems like a planned attack from an anti-fan. But who knows?


The reason that “New Right” is so controversial is because they, in the past, have made comments against “comfort women”, a highly sensitive issue in South Korea.

They have also previously drawn up legislation that would have been detrimental people who are not part of the upper-class.

People are saying that Suho’s father isn’t part of the pro-Japanese branch of “New Right”, but just part of the pro-US branch… but because of the whole negative reputation that “New Right” has, it makes no difference which branch he is part of. It just matters that he’s part of the organization in the first place.

Netizens and even EXO-L are both upset at this rumor.

People are making comments that Suho may have the same views as his father because of the saying, “Like father, like son.”

They are also making up more rumors that the reason Suho’s family is so rich is because Suho’s father’s ties to this organization.

The INSTIZ thread surrounding this rumor has already reached over 1,500 comments, and “Suho’s father” has been seen trending on and off on major search engines.

2014 is just a terrible year for EXO, and we hope we get an official statement about these rumors soon.

Source: OneHallyu

  1. ShyQuietGirl says

    I don’t know what Suho’s standpoint on this scenario is. But aside from the fact that I’m an Exo-L, I absolutely hate when people judge children by their parent’s actions. I mean, I understand that there could be similarities between parent and child, but if Suho hasn’t done anything that would incriminate him, he really shouldn’t be judged.
    Ugh idk, I wish the best of luck to Exo~

  2. LiLithepanda27 says

    Ah Jebal ………… T^T

  3. alice lee says

    Poor Suho! not only does he face 2 of his members desertion but now this.. be strong Suho.. you know this year will quickly pass by .. fighting!!

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