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Rumors of Luhan leaving EXO go viral in China


So rumors are floating around that Luhan plans on leaving EXO.

The rumors all arose after it was revealed that Luhan won’t be attending SMTOWN’s Live World Tour in Tokyo today/tomorrow.

Another thing fueling this rumor is that one of Luhan’s biggest fansites shutdown without warning, which has a lot of people worried.

Here are what Chinese fans are saying about the situation, translated by ChickenFan:

Rumors of Luhan leaving EXO go viral in China

  1. He still wants to terminate his contract with the CEO. He wants to pay the penalty fee of leaving rather than drag this issue to court. Perhaps Luhan is being too naive because the CEO will never let him go that easily. He’s still fighting for Luhan to come back with empty promises of changing his contract and also letting him participate in the SMTOWN World Tour in Beijing.
  2. It doesn’t matter what the CEO does. The end result will be the same. There is no way that Luhan is going to go back. At this point, him terminating his contract is a sure thing. Luhan just doesn’t want things to get ugly, so he would rather pay the penalty and get out. He’s rich.
  3. Luhan’s condition has been horrible lately, especially for these past few days. He’s been vomiting, his face is bloated, his eyes are swollen, he has excessive tearing, and he’s passing out. He hasn’t been able to eat any food for the past few days. The doctors also says he has migraines.
  4. Luhan gave the CEO until the 8th of October. If the CEO doesn’t address this issue publicly, Luhan will.
  5. Luhan’s mother has been by his side every day. She’s in pain seeing her son like this. With enough rest, Luhan is expected to make a recovery in two weeks.
  6. Luhan has a lot of connections. You’ll see next month.

Netizens responded to this situation saying:

  1. I had doubts about the rumors that Kris was going to leave EXO, but then he left. I’m worried about this situation.
  2. If this happens, SM is 100% done for. There is literally no possible way for them to stay if Luhan leaves.
  3. I don’t know anymore. Every time a rumor comes out and I say it can’t be true, it becomes true. If Luhan leaves, I will leave.
  4. He’s not attending the concert today. That S*$% tells me something. Really? He’s not going to the concert today? I’m beginning to believe this. He’s overworked. I never hear of other people in the entertainment industry fainting so much or getting migraines or being unable to sleep like EXO. It doesn’t happen and if it does, it doesn’t happen enough for me to hear about it.

Again, these are just rumors these fans are talking about and most of these are coming from “inside” sources or whatever. Here is the original Baidu thread.

But one unsettling thing is that Luhan’s official Baidu bar says that there will be an announcement made next week.

Luhan is really being overworked, and perhaps that would be enough to drive him to leave, but I don’t believe he would.

He loves the EXO members, especially Sehun and Xiumin.

I hope that all of these rumors are false, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens.

If these rumors are true, then SM Entertainment will be in crisis mode, especially with Jessica, Sulli, and Kris already leaving.

What are your thoughts on these rumors?

Source: Kashigasa

  1. swey says

    I don’t know anymore

  2. EXO-LPandas says

    This is bad…. Hope this isn’t true..

  3. chickylee says

    I suspect something amiss, he kept missing concerts.. but he attended the Beijing one.. and what.. there’s a recent trailer of his music video for EXO 90 2014.. so please say it isnt true!! Luhan is one of the most important vocalist besides Chen and Baekhyun and DO.. especially more for EXO-M!! he just cannot leave..!! SM!! you’d better stop making the boys working so hard!!! cheybal..

  4. chickylee says

    oh.. but surely Luhan is not the only one who is overworked.. I am sure the others are too.. only Luhan may be weaker..

  5. Ale says

    Do not worry guys, he’s not gonna leave Exo

  6. Aiki says

    2014 should just end now~first kris, then Sulli, even sica!! If luhan leaves, I’m out of the kpop fandom.

    1. Ąyoťa AL Bålawneh says

      Me too seriously I will leave whole kpop

      1. shan says

        no!! but we still have YG- got7, bigbang…what not 😉

        1. Ąyoťa AL Bålawneh says

          Actually I’m not a fan of YG and JYP.. In general i love all sm especially snsd and exo but LUHAN is my UB in kpop i don’t think i can watch exo without him it will break my heart.. Andi can’t imagine the kpop without him. Maybe I’m selfish and you all will call me not a true fan of exo but to be honest i love exo bc of LUHAN..

          1. chickylee says

            yes.. i can’t imagine watching EXO without Luhan.. when I watched EXO planet concert.. i was already wishing Kris would be there.. it felt incomplete.. cannot totally imagine without Luhan.. EXO.. please stay true to your slogan – We Are One!! …but its so hard isnt it? with SM working you guys like dogs..

        2. Ąyoťa AL Bålawneh says

          Actually I’m not a fan of YG and JYP.. In general i love all sm especially snsd and exo but LUHAN is my UB in kpop i don’t think i can watch exo without him it will break my heart.. Andi can’t imagine the kpop without him. Maybe I’m selfish and you all will call me not a true fan of exo but to be honest i love exo bc of LUHAN

  7. ShyQuietGirl says

    To be honest, Luhan has been getting really sick… and if he really wants to leave, I think he should! I mean don’t bash more anything (I LOVE Luhan), but I don’t think he should suffer because of SM and people demanding him to stay. It should be solely his decision! Whatever his decision is, I’ll support him! Fighting~

    1. LiLithepanda27 says

      I really agree also. If he wants to leave he could. I don’t want him to suffer this sickness that he has. If you don’t love what you do, maybe quit?

      1. ShyQuietGirl says

        Oooo someone who agrees <3 I was afraid I'd be bashed or something XD I still feel really bad for Kris… I mean, I understand that he was the leader and that he had responsibilities… but still! He's only human!

        1. LiLithepanda27 says

          Haha no you wouldn’t be bashed(hopefully you will not be o. o) 😛 We need to give you a medal or trophy for this XD

          1. ShyQuietGirl says

            Lol I know right haha X3 Ahhh… sometimes I wonder whether or not I would want my favorite idols to be popular. I mean, popularity is good for them, but it also brings a lot of stress and work T.T Gah! I just want things to be resolved and them not be overworked

          2. LiLithepanda27 says

            I know right ….?

          3. ShyQuietGirl says

            Hmmm… why do Western artists never deal with this? 😮

          4. LiLithepanda27 says

            I don’t even know……. but they should. Like SM is a stupid company; I don’t even know if they even care about the artists.

          5. ShyQuietGirl says

            Yeah, but I dislike how people are blaming Lee Soo Man, I mean he’s not even the current CEO

          6. LiLithepanda27 says

            Yeah -__-

          7. ShyQuietGirl says

            And his wife recently died T.T I guess 2014 isn’t just a bad year for idols… >.<

          8. LiLithepanda27 says

            I knew that 2014 was going to be a bad year for all of us(I believe the year of the horse is like bad luck). I’m a horse too; just god dang it. But let’s hope this year will turn out great and….. FABULOUS for EXO(LOL)! Let’s also hope that Luhan will feel better!~ 😀

          9. ShyQuietGirl says

            Agreed! I’ve never heard that the year of the horse is bad luck 😮 I’ve heard that the year of the dragon can either be REALLY good or REALLY bad (I’m the year of the dragon) Exo Fighting!~ <3

  8. dp062 says

    SM Entertainment is dead…

    1. JKrules12 says

      Exactly SM is going to be dead

      1. chickylee says

        I hope all group will leave SM.

        1. JKrules12 says

          EXACTLY! !!!!!!!!

  9. LiLithepanda27 says

    I….. I don’t believe this.(Everything on the internet isn’t always true). Why start rumors?! T_T I’m going to cry. I mean, I know these days has been tough for him. SM should let him rest because of this. I don’t want to see him suffer this. Being overworked is the worse( I know). He should not be overworked by concerts and all that jazz(don’t just force him to do things for god’s sake) I just don’t even know anymore! Pleeaaassse let him rest and take time to. I’m getting really worried. Please don’t let this be true…..please don’t. SM is in a crisis: if even, just even one member leaves, then the company is done for; outta business idk. Feel better Luhan~

  10. Guest says

    This isnt good…:(

  11. Mier Raya says

    To be honest I’m not very worried about Kris leaving simply because he’s not my bias but now that Luhan might be leaving, I’m afraid for the worst. Luhan’s my first bias – now I’m with D.O. – and the reason why I’m so into EXO since MAMA. Without Kris and Luhan, what will happen to EXO? I’m scared…

    1. Ysa says

      You’re so selfish -.- If you’re really a fan you should support OT12 and other members even if it is not your bias. How bout those fans whose still supporting and hoping that EXO will be again completed ? Anyway, just sayin’ . Even if it hurts im one of those fans who still believes in OT12. It hurts knowing that another member would rumored to leave also 🙁

  12. Shiin Soo Won says

    wow sm -.- very good at first they were jessica kris and sulli~ now luhan? what have you done? what with this sh*t happening~ anyways, i hope nobody else leaves i might leave the SM fandom too 🙁

  13. Shan says

    as far as i’m concerned there were not as *many* people who attempted to leave YG.. good game played sm… after the years of covering up you finally show your true colours.
    yay for krisness everdeen 🙂 (kris) he started this revolution

  14. carra says

    its because of his health problems.. He’s never gonna leave his brothers

  15. Pandiee Blawhi says

    I don’t always believe everything from the internet but I always believe in the saying that if there’s a smoke, there’s a fire. I just hope this won’t blow like an atomic bomb and caught us all off guard. Not again. Not anymore.

  16. weiqifox says

    Health comes first.

  17. Parajanta says

    Omgggg! I can’t even take this right now! Luhan is my ultimate bias in EXO! :(…let’s just hope this is only a rumor! :O My heart can’t take anymore after Kris!

  18. Parajanta says

    And wait, i just realized the article said Sulli is leaving F(x)…the hell? O.O…last time i checked, she was just on a break! I take a week off from the KPOP world and come back to Jessica leaving SNSD, Wooyung in a car accident, rumors of Luhan leaving….etc. I’m literally at a loss for words. T_T.

  19. chickylee says

    so is it going to happen? i live in fear since this rumour is out and i fear coming into this website or any other korean website on the news that it may be true. please .. i hope Luhan is just healing.. not leaving..

  20. karen says

    If this is true, SM should give a lot of time to luhan recovered to come back and change a lot of things in this company. With this events, we can realize that SM has been not good to their cast. These is something that all fans must protest against it . If Luhan decided to leave, i’ll be sad but i will understand him and hope he finds his happiness.

  21. Rian says

    SM is really goin far…..I feel bad for the new kpopers who join in 2014….

    its sad…

    Go on Sasaengs,

    You know what to do……*^_^*

  22. ej says

    i would rather let him leave if it concerns his health, he’s a human being not a machine..

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  26. JKrules12 says

    SM is always fucked up!!!!!!!!

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