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Rumors of Tao and one Korean member leaving EXO


Rumors are circulating around Weibo and Sina that EXO-M’s Tao and a Korean member of EXO are planning on leaving the group.

The rumor about Tao leaving was spread around by a Weibo user with the username “pungentbitch“, so for all we know, she could just be a salty, anti-fan looking for attention.

But this user has over 500,000 followers… so that makes things a tad more scarier.

The second rumor was spread around by a verified entertainment critic account, with over 724,000 followers.

Rumors of EXO Tao and Korean member leaving the group

The posts spread like wildfire around the Weibo/Sina community. With the rumor about Tao being reblogged over 7,000 times on Weibo and gathering over 9,000 comments in only a day.

The other one, while less viral, has already gotten 1,000 reblogs.

Sina reported on these rumors, and SM Entertainment has yet to respond.

But then again, Sina was also the same bottom-feeding gossip site that said the EXO members were disrespecting their Chinese seniors during the MAMA awards… something that was quickly refuted by the Chinese seniors themselves.

This could all be just a smear campaign to give EXO a hard time.

It’s hard to believe that Tao would leave EXO, especially because of how often he says that he’ll stay with EXO forever.

Plus he’s always preaching about loyalty.

And it’s even harder to believe that a Korean member would leave, because that would mean the end of their career in the media business (if they are to be treated the same as JYJ).

But 2014 isn’t over yet, and a lot of the rumors, the bad ones at least, have come true so far.

So I guess this is just a waiting game. We’ll see if more information pops up, or if SM Entertainment responds to these allegations.

Source: TheKitchenHouse


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