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Samsung Music to stream EXO’s comeback showcase live!

Good news for all of us!

Samsung Music will be streaming EXO’s comeback showcase live!

The only caveat is that it will be exclusively for Samsung Music subscribers only.

But the plus side is we’ll have HD footage of the comeback showcase available to us soon after the showcase ends!

Samsung Music to livestream EXO's comeback showcase

SM Entertainment and Samsung Music will be working together to promote EXO’s comeback.

Expect to see a whole bunch of teaser pictures revealed soon, as well as teaser videos which will be released starting on April 7th.

With Samsung backing EXO’s comeback, their promotions for their upcoming mini-album will be amazing!

It’s a shame that they’ll be splitting back up into their sub-units again…

But we knew that the time would eventually come.

If you are currently a Samsung Music subscriber, you have a chance to win a ticket to EXO’s showcase!

There will be a total of 7,500 ticket given out between April 1sts and April 9th.

On top of that, Samsung will be releasing special EXO goodies for Samsung Music subscribers, including downloadable morning calls from the EXO members, similar to what Dodol Pop offers.

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