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Sasaeng fan arrested on charges of fraud and embezzlement

An EXO sasaeng fan, known as Ms. Nam, has been arrested on charges of fraud and embezzlement.

It’s about time one of these sasaeng fans went to jail.

This 21-year old fan committed fraud in order to fund her lifestyle of stalking and harassing EXO.

She committed acts of fraud around 9 times total and earned herself a total of 470,000 won ($458 USD), which she could have probably made easily if she used her time wisely and just got a part-time job.

EXO sasaeng fan arrested on charges of fraud and embezzlement

She would rent camera equipment (Camera, laptop, and lens) from a rental store and then proceed to “sell” said camera equipment on the internet for a highly discounted price online.

When customers would purchase her camera online, she would collect the money, but not actually send them the products.

Her reason for committing these acts of fraud is:

“In order to follow EXO, I need money.”

Ms. Nam’s story is a bit sad.

She stated that she is an unemployed high school graduate whose parents have passed away. Instead of going home at night, she would go to a cafe near EXO’s dorms.

She stated,

“The moments I was a sasaeng, I was happy, but now I feel regretful.”

These sasaeng fans are crazy and breach EXO’s privacy in any way possible.

There are fans who install cameras in EXO’s hotel rooms.

Fans who break into their dorms to steal/sell underwear and fans who record EXO’s private conversations and leak them on the internet.

These sasaeng fans need to be arrested as well.

Source: Allkpop

  1. Jackie Diep says

    She deserves to go to jail

  2. […] glad that one sasaeng fan got arrested. We hope these sasaeng fans get punished as […]

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