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Sasaeng fan claims she stole EXO D.O’s boxer briefs

Sasaeng fans knows no bounds, especially this one who claims she broke into EXO-K’s dormitory and stole one of D.O’s boxer briefs.

She started bragging on SNS about how she broke in and how it was difficult to steal his briefs, but she did it.

She also said that if people don’t believe her, they could take one of the hairs in the briefs and test the DNA.

What kind of crazy psycho breaks into someone’s home to steal their private undergarments?

D.O crazy shirt

The sasaeng fan also said that she tried to break into EXO-M’s dorm, but the security there was much higher.

She says that she’ll try to take another trip to EXO-K’s dorm to steal Sehun’s boxer briefs and that people can reserve them now if they want.

She sold D.O’s boxer briefs for about 100,000 KRW (shame on that other fan for even purchasing the item).

She is currently selling socks as well as pieces of the EXO members’ hair….

Seriously? Breaking and entering is illegal and this girl needs to be stopped.

Her SNS post has received lots of negative feedback from EXO’s sane fans as well as Korean netizens.

The EXO members must be feeling very vulnerable and uneasy about this huge invasion of privacy.

Sasaeng fan claims she stole EXO D.O's briefs

  1. xohmyitsme says

    This is completely disgusting and appalling. They already don’t have enough security outside and now they can’t even have some privacy in their own dorms? This is completely NUTS. There must be laws made for sasaeng-fans, plus stricter rules for those who act rashly against the idols and their rights. I just don’t understand how their minds work. Damn, they’re insane.

    1. Maijun Jamdee says

      Actually, there IS a sasaeng law.

      Problem is, well, three problems really:

      1.) It isn’t enforced enough, which is really weird since the government established this law!

      2.) No one knows it

      3.) It only gives celebrity support. (free therapy for idols and such) It actually isn’t stopping sasaengs. It’s only comforting idols. Idol support is very nice, but how about stopping and/or solving the actual problem too?

  2. Vanessa Anne says

    This is too much!

  3. Nylia Socram says

    Sasaeng fans -_-

  4. exo_cupcake says

    This is just horrible T^T can you imagine how embarrassed kyungsoo is right now?! the news spread allover the EXO fandom and even on Chinese Newspaper!!!!! 0_0
    and somebody better take that so called “fan” (I personally prefer calling her a psycho b*ch) to a mental hospital, because she mustn’t be in her right state of mind -_- HELLO?! are you serious?!! just calmly admitting that you broke into their dorm?!! and your planning on doing it again?!!!!! maybe SM should consider moving EXO-K dorm to the same one as EXO-M since there’s has better security !!!!!

  5. Midnight.Rose says

    SM has to put the money aside and kick their security up a notch (a few notches) unless they want their idols to go insane. These stupid crazy stalkers do not know when enough is enough. D.O has to go to therapy because of these deranged psychos and this has just made it 10x worse. He must feel so embarrassed and violated…this has to stop!

  6. Helena Magick says

    OMG, this is disgusting!!!! how dare she break into their dorm and steal boxers?! what an appalling behaviour. I’m glad there were more security guards in EXO-M’s dorm. seriously, have u seen how crazy people are getting for Luhan? (I don’t get why)
    chaos would have probably broken out.

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  8. LEANNE says

    Thats so disturbing. I cant believe someone would do something like this.

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