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Sasaeng fan hides a camera in EXO-M Luhan’s room


I guess EXO-M Luhan has another thing to yell at sasaeng fans about.

One crazy fan hid a camera in Luhan’s hotel room, and boasted about it all over Weibo.

Seriously? Sometimes I feel like these sasaeng fans just need to be punched in the face.

Luckily, all the girl got was footage of Luhan applying make-up.

Sasaeng fan hides a camera in EXO-M Luhan's room

The fan posted a picture of EXO Luhan in his hotel room on her Weibo account.

Many fans started lashing out at her for being so invasive and crazy.

The sasaeng fan immediately took down her post and apologized.

But for a fan to easily place a camera in someone else’s room… that’s so scary and if I were an idol, I would be paranoid ALL THE TIME.

I mean what did these sasaeng fans do? Pay the maid to have access to the room?

Maybe EXO needs to sweep their rooms for bugs from now on, which is pretty insane… but at this point it sounds like it’s going to be a necessity.

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