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Sasaeng fan leaks private recordings of EXO playing games

It looks like EXO is caught in yet another scandal (if you can call it that) due to sasaeng fans.

A sasaeng fan leaked some audio files through Instiz of EXO playing games with their non-celebrity friend, who unfortunately happens to be a girl (had it been a boy instead, it would’ve been less controversial).

The audio files were a total of 10 minutes long, however, the sasaeng fan threatens that she may leak the 21-minute audio file soon.

Now why is this clip controversial? Other than because EXO was playing League of Legends with their non-celebrity friend who happens to be a girl? Because… wait for it… the members were *gasp*, cursing.

Baekhyun Vogue Girl

It seems that only Sehun and Baekhyun were involved in the gaming conversation. There’s a 3rd guy as well, who fans believe is Chen, but they’re not sure.

Here is a translation of the entire conversation, thanks to EXO-4-Lyfe. I’ll redact the profanity:

  • sehun: ahh what is this? (angry sounds)
  • sehun: AHH ****
  • sehun: ah what?? the chatting room?
  • girl: uhh i think i’m going to die
  • sehun: OOH don’t catch them!!
  • baekhyun: who?
  • sehun: those..people
  • (person rumoured to be chen): i can’t believe we don’t have (??)
  • sehun: what did you say this game was called?
  • girl: halbarang kalbarang (i think this is the name of the game..?)
  • girl: (laughs) haha that’s ******* funny
  • sehun: (laughs)
  • girl: DIE !!
  • sehun: ahhh…yah…how can you do that…
  • girl: i didn’t do that
  • (((loud tapping of the space bar)))
  • girl: oh yeah i have to kill oh sehun
  • sehun: (laughs) you can’t kill me – OH!
  • girl: OH ****
  • sehun: ohh~~ you swear so easily now…you’ll be told off 
  • girl: what? (laughs)
  • girl: what are you doing sehun-ah?
  • girl: come over here, i’ll kill you (laughs)
  • girl #2: unnie i’ll just finish this and leave ok?
  • girl: where are you going?
  • sehun: no~~ yah
  • girl: i said to speak informally to me
  • sehun: oh really?
  • baekhyun: -mumbles something-
  • sehun: yeah so where are you going?
  • baekhyun: -mumbles something again smh i can’t understand anything baek says OTL-
  • girl: ahh where do i use this??
  • (everyone laughs)
  • girl: uhh im angry
  • sehun: -can’t make out what he says here, it could be the girls name?? im not sure ;;-
  • girl: ah ****
  • baekhyun: yah!! what kind of speaking manners are those?
  • sehun: your speaking manners are (???)
  • girl: (laughs) ahh seriously..?
  • sehun: OHH OKAY !! COME ON!! 
  • baekhyun: (laughs) ah i’m so frustrated 
  • sehun: ahh if only we played properly (i think that’s what he said)
  • girl: it’s ok we still got two points
  • (computer game playing sounds)
  • baekhyun: ah seriously not even one person got hit?
  • sehun: some people got hit i think
  • baekhyun: OH ****
  • (girl and sehun laugh)
  • (girl and sehun keep laughing)
  • (random new guy voice says something- the guy could be chen it hasn’t been confirmed and i can’t make out what he’s saying)
  • girl: oh se !! come over here
  • sehun: yah i won’t come over there quickly
  • girl: (laughs) i told you not to call me yah!!
  • sehun: i wasn’t saying it to noona
  • girl: oh okay
  • baekhyun: (calls the girls name, what he said sounds like “bomyu” which might be why people think the girl is bomi from apink?)
  • girl: yes?

Unfortunately, A Pink seems to have gotten drawn into this as well because fans believe that they’re the ones who are playing games with EXO.

However, a rep from A CUBE Entertainment has denied that the girls of A Pink were the ones involved. They admitted that A Pink does play smartphone games with EXO during break time at music shows, however, they don’t play online games like League of Legends with them.

A rep from SM Entertainment confirmed that it was indeed EXO playing games with their non-celebrity friends, and that the conversation was intended to be private. The rep also said,

“There is nothing in those files that would cause an issue”,

which is completely true.

Even netizens agree that the whole leaked-audio files are not that big of a deal, and the only problem they can see is that sasaeng fans are growing increasingly crazy. Here is a translation from NetizenBuzz of what some of those netizens are saying:

1. [+1,447, -34] So it is EXO

2. [+1,294, -125] I listened to it, it’s not a big deal

3. [+1,251, -117] What’s the big deal, they were just playing a game;; I’m not even a fan and I don’t know why this is a big deal

4. [+1,199, -117] Leave the group alone… You all act like they’ll be thrown in jail if they play another game again

5. [+1,098, -132] Seems sasaengs expect celebrities to not swear even in private ㅋㅋㅋ So unfortunate what they have to endure ㅋㅋ

1. [+161, -18] What I find ironic is that it was only the girls who were swearing ㅋㅋㅋ The guys were focusing on the game, barely swearing at all

2. [+138, -16] What’s the big deal about a couple of kids gaming together? ㅋㅋㅋ Such blatant invasion of privacy… How scary it must be for them, not even able to enjoy a few games

3. [+86, -5] One member? Wasn’t it Sehun and Baekhyun?

4. [+91, -15] Will the world crash if they play LoL? Boys their age play LoL and talk about the game, not a big deal

5. [+47, -5] The b*tch who hacked them and got the audio is a criminal

Hopefully this will all blow over really soon, but then again, we have a 21-minute audio clip headed our way and that one is much more private compared to these because EXO discusses their dorm lives and such in the full clip.

And not only has this affected EXO in a negative light, but A Pink as well, who are receiving unnecessary hate from EXO fans because of this misunderstanding. I sense a lot of apologies from EXO headed towards A Pink’s way.

Here are the audio files if you want to listen to them: Audio #1, Audio #2.

On the plus side of all of this, EXO’s Suho has this girl’s phone number (because she somehow found his), so maybe SM Entertainment can sue her.

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  4. Rachel says

    damn the files are deleted

    1. Mai Tong Vang says

      Lol, I really wanted to hear them too! *guilty*

  5. Vanessa Anne says

    So what if they cuss? They’re still human beings for Pete’s sake!

  6. Christine Dayana Oneal says

    i clicked the recording and i never got to find it 🙁

  7. Helena Magick says

    AHA! I finally got proof that even fucking cute idols can fucking swear!!!!

  8. blah blah says

    baekhyun didn’t even swear alot. only one time and he said watch your speaking manners which is good

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  11. exoforever123 says

    LOL i also dont see the big deal as well > . < Idols can swear when they're in private…. isn't like its illegal to swear when u become famous. besides.. they didnt really swear that much anyway 🙂

  12. XOXOloaf<3 says

    ^_^ I play L.O.L sometimes with my Little Brother. Seriously why people makes ‘Simple things to Complicated’? I mean really, its just a game (even I have a recording of me and my brother and we just laugh at our tones.. Pssh). And its really non of her Business. OOH just realized something .. ‘This is why I like EXO’ bcuz they have fun like normal teenagers (Like me) BTW I’m actually a Girl >3< that plays LOL!

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