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Sasaeng fan leaves a sickening message for Baekhyun

As if crashing Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding wasn’t horrible enough, these sasaeng fans have managed to make themselves look worse than they already are.

A sasaeng fan posted a pretty disturbing message on her Daum account regarding the incident. She said,

Baekhyun-ah, I told you

Stop messing around, or we really don’t know what we’ll do next

Why do you think we went all the way there and caused a fuss?

Our puppy is so cute when he’s mad

But it’s time to tone down that personality isn’t it? You’re a public figure hehe

Try treating us like we’re insects one more time, we really don’t what we’ll do next time

And send your brother our congratulations on his wedding~”

Seriously? How psychotic can these people get? Can SM Entertainment please track down this person’s IP address and have her committed to a mental institution or something? If YG Entertainment can track down online offenders, SM Entertainment should be able to do the same.

Sasaeng fan leaves sickening message for Baekhyun 1

And honestly, why did these fans expect to be treated any different than how Baekhyun treated them? They crashed and ruined his older brother’s wedding! Did they expect to be treated like princesses? Something is really messed up with these peoples’ minds.

It’s very disturbing how these sasaeng fans actually enjoyed Baekhyun’s anger. And it’s even more disturbing how they’re already contemplating what they’re going to do next…

These sasaeng fans are getting worse and worse, and something has to be done before they do more harm to these boys. They’ve already resorted to physical harm (attacking Baekhyun’s throat)… Who knows what other drastic things they’ll end up doing.

Sasaeng fan leaves sickening message for Baekhyun

Credit: lostmy—mind

  1. Quenna lacy says

    This is sad and pathetic. God they piss me off :'( I feel bad for exo or any kpop idols. Feel sorry for his brother.

  2. Jiyoun Flower says

    I can’t believe this ..I feel so sad I’m fan of EXO and I’ll always support them and should the smtown punished this girl and I feel sad for his brother too ..Arabic fans will always love EXO ..I hope he’s now fell better.. God help him

  3. guest says

    I’m sorry there is no cure for this kind of crazy. SM should have got exo escorts/bodyguards by now, i’m mad at the company because i feel like they think the publicity is good for exo giving little consideration to the members emotional wellbeing.
    I don’t know how the information about the wedding venue even got out (sure this wackos have their ways) but with that in mind shouldn’t the company give them protection. Yesterday i saw a picture of a fan who carved “i love exo” into her arm, these people are plain sick and crazy, is it just me who feels the members’ lives are actually in danger because of these wack jobs? why is SM not doing anything? Is it so hard to hire some muscle guys to throw these people out, i feel like compared to YG, SM doesn’t really try to care for the artists outside of activities yet that is when they are most vulnerable. SM DO SOMETHING!!!!

  4. guest says

    is it possible for fans to write letters to sm asking them to do more to protect the boys, they are human beings too, they have feelings, they aren’t machines, just because they have chosen a certain life doesn’t mean they deserve this…GET SM to do more to protect the boys. frankly i feel like taking a break from kpop in general after this constant news of saesangs, its too upsetting!!!

  5. Carrie Legge says

    Wow they’re psychotic! I’m so mad what do they think their doing? Do they actually think that it’ll help them be closer to the Exo members? All idols only wish is to be treated as human beings not gods! Sasaeng fans piss me off.

  6. Meriem Hamache says

    they’re sick and twisted peoples they have to get charged into a mental hospital really i like exo and their music basta this has to be it but everyone is going crazy about them and it’s sad because nit in a million year they will have a relachionship with them

  7. katherine bueno says

    I am ashamed to be a fan of exo because of this. These so called fans of exo need to stop before one of them does something they would regret later (seriously hurt one of the members) Tao had the right to post his anger with these so called fans. And if ruining baekhyun’s brother wedding wasnt enough they even punch baekhyun in the throat.These so called fans must not want exo to love them anymore or disbaned the group by hurting one of them this is stupid dumb and selfish SM FIX YOUR SECURITY ONE DAY ONE OF THESE CUTE FACE BOYS IS GONNA GET HURT AND IT WILL BE BECUASE OF YOUR SECURITY SYSTEM

  8. Lusiana Ye says

    I’m not an EXO fan but I like them and their song. I feel bad for Baekhyun, EXO, and all other public figure who encounter some psychopath fans like this. Yes, they’re public figure, yes, they should be nice to their fans, but it doesn’t mean they still have to be nice to the fans who have intrude their private life especially the private life where that include their loved ones.

    I believe the sasaeng fans is still young but it doesn’t guarantee that they will not grow up to be some psychopath or sociopath person. SM should track them, put them in jail if needed, and also put restraining order for the rest of their life. I think it’s about time to take strict approach to handle them.

  9. kpopaddict014 says

    this makes me want to cry….. I’m scared …they’re so dangerous, and if I’m afraid just think of how the boys might be feeling…

  10. Kazuki Rin says

    Can’t they be sued for trespassing?I don’t know much about law but can’t the authority do something about them? I agree that SM should take drastic steps since the situation has already become so bad. Those so called ‘fans’ are seriously crazy. Can’t they tell that they are not doing EXO any good? They’re not worshipping EXO or whatever the word is, they are treating them like some kind of animals in a zoo up for viewing. If you like and idolize someone, you’d do your best to support them, not make their lives more miserable and difficult than it already is. EXO members had had their hardships in training and working alongside
    their tight schedules.Must they endure more of these nuisance?

  11. T.R. says

    I want to fight whoever left that message.

  12. chasingdreams says

    How in the world is baekhyun cute when he’s mad???? those sasaeng fans are really sick in the head, I really wish there’s a special place in hell for those sasaengs to suffer

  13. juyayos says

    Everytime I see the article about Baekhyun Oppa, I cry T.T Did sasengfans know how much Baekhyun Oppa hurt because their action? Can they give uri Oppar more privacy? They are human being too. It ‘s too much to ruined the other wedding just because wnt to take some pict/video uri Oppar

  14. burrblefish says

    I swear if I could I’d gather an army of real fans and take down those damn sasaengs. It’s because of them that so many kpop idols are so self-conscious and could even begin to be unable to tell their real fans and sasaeng ‘fans’ apart. Jeez. What the hell are sasaengs doing with their lives.

  15. agatha says

    these people are so sick. they should seek professional help

  16. Hadija Kamaruzaman says

    omg! they’re demon!! poor baby baekhyunnie 🙁

  17. honey senpai says

    I would’ve been civil with what i’m typing rn but I think this is TOO much and this is fucking SICK.
    It’s funny SM still not doing any greater measures to protect the boys.
    WELL, what are you waiting for?
    I’m sure you have billions of money to afford bodyguards for them. You have billions of money to invest EXO with BWCW and all those shits, burning holes in our pockets, but what about this?
    Oh, don’t come and tell me bullshit you’ve already done whatever you can to help out with this situation bc I really THINK that with the money you have, you could’ve have DONE something to keep them away from sasaengs A LONG TIME AGO bc these sasaeng incidents’ didn’t happened just ONCE. They have to live as if they are literally dying tomorrow bc of the sasaengs, and yet NOTHING is done to protect them.

  18. Kaguya Miyazuki says

    i have so much qp984u,kr9dq84tu and utter disgust in my heart right now that i wont even explain it since everyone else will do it in my stead.
    MY thing is, that we are calling these sasaeng fans……”fans”. they are not fans. they’re something……….that is totally completely different from a fan.
    i am a hardcore exo fan but never never in a million years would i say something liek this to an exo member OR to ANY human being.
    sick sick siiiiiiiiiick. exo dont fall bc of this. please keep going. im sorry you guys have to experience this.
    prayers to exo </3

  19. Tiina C: says

    (This post is directed towards the sasaengs.)
    This incident will probably affect the rest of the EXO members and the fandom for quite a long time. Those sasaeng fans who crashed Baekhyun’s cousin’s wedding are probably up to something worse, and obviously no matter how serious the EXO members are or how ignorant they pretend to be around them, they’ll continue harrassing them and physically/mentally harming them that their life and EXO’s life is literally on the line.
    This also means that EXO can’t even look at normal fans the same way again. The gif of D.O walking casually from a hallway and then running back inside after seeing so many sasaeng fans would’ve hurt many fan’s feelings (even sasaengs… I guess…) because imagine you’re just a normal fan and you really want to see this bias, and so you wait patiently and quietly at the gates, only to have him/her run away because he thinks that you’re going to harm him? Do sasaeng fans realise how vulnerable they are? How fragile they are?
    YOLO also means there’s only one of everyone in the world, and if you even harm the members to the extent that they are dead, that’s the only person you’re gonna get. You can’t make a duplication, nor turn back time unless you’re a genius. How I would be so mad if sasaeng fans even touched one of them. They are human, the only difference about them to us is that many people know them. They aren’t game characters and have strong bodies, strong minds and confidence. They only look like that, and probably more than half the group are already torn into pieces in their mind and heart just by sasaengs.
    As much as every other fan would love to see them in person/in action, or to say hello to them, or to even make eye contact with them, it is not your right to peek into their bubble, their privacy, something that they don’t want anyone to see.
    You sasaengs should be pretty bloody lucky that you have those idols IN YOUR COUNTRY. Us international fans see them once in a blue freaking moon. Or in a worst case scenario, NEVER. You can see them walking by in the streets or shopping casually, yet you still want to follow them and trace every step? Is that what you want to do for the rest of your life? You do not earn money from such doings, also you are harming yourself. Would you like your child to follow and hurt those idols? Do you even have feelings?
    Also i’d like to briefly rant about how SM isn’t doing anything to support them or make this whole sasaeng thing better. They have enough money to pay guards let them go somewhere secretly without anyone knowing. Stop keeping the money to yourself and use it where needed. You debuted EXO for a reason.
    I hope EXO will stay strong and the rest of us will support your back until the sasaeng dilemma is controlled. We are one.

  20. FatasticallyEXOtic says

    Seriously… What is up with you saesang fans!? They’re good looking, we know. You love them, we do too. But you crashed a freakin wedding for goodness sake. A wedding is the union of two very inlove individuals who are ready to share the rest of their lives with their partner. It’s meant to be respected. Or are you saesang fans too ignorant to even know what respect means? These guys are humans. They’re people that’s just like us. Even though they’re idols who love their fans very very much, they still need space. And for the way you’re treting them, I think treating you like insects isn’t enough. They
    should treat you like dirt. Trash. You know why saesang fans? Because that’s what yu are. Trash. You don’t even deserve to be thrown in a garbage bin. You’d be better of buried deep in the
    ground. A place where you can’t
    bother anyone with your pathetic
    attention seeking schemes. Just to make things clear. The “buried deepbin the ground” wasn’t a death threat.

  21. QueenKongYang XD says

    I really don’t understand these psychotic sasaengs, but who does? All I know is that they’re invading people’s privacy and really nothing is stopping them. They’re actually increasing and getting more psycho. They ruin our idol’s images and our fandoms, it’s pissing me off.

  22. Gina Yeo says

    Its all for attention. These psychopath fans have nothing better to do with their sad lives that they inflict harm on others. It would be nice to have the tables turned on them…to experience the ridiculous BS exo goes through. How would they feel if this happened to them and they were stalked? There is something called “crossing the line” and respecting another human being as an individual. I was shocked to see some videos on youtube of exo or dbsk at airports. Its so disturbing, how do these boys breathe?! So suffocating and the massive crowds of screaming girls are a threat to safety. Luhan got freaking pushed and fell to the ground, having Baek help him up.

    SM should do a better job of hiring bodyguards. They do this a lot better for Western/US celebrities…in terms of being strict with basic rights to privacy. With restraining orders etc. Look at Kanye, he does whatever he wants and curses the paparrazi off lol. Its just sad, exo works so hard and they don’t deserve treatment like this. it simply should not be tolerated. Imagine having to constantly watch your back and have your trust violated. what a messed up world we live in. They need Jesus/the gospel to help stop this unhealthy obsession/psycho behavior. Learn some respect! Much love to EXO though. Y’all make my heart flutter! <3

  23. charmerlady16 says

    Scary. Are they really a fan?. Shocks,What were they thinking? OMG! If I were a celebrity & this happens to me. I don’t know what to do. I think I’ll go crazy. This is insane. Like seriously why can’t they just behave & not stepping to idols’ personal lives. Geez,PLEASE SM do something before any of the boys gets hurt!!

  24. Eunbyeol Xi says

    I am a Exo fan, but I dont do this kind of things, I just wish to meet them in real, Baekhyun oppa I am very sorry for your older brother s wedding chaos,and you can be lucky as I am a normal fan girl.

  25. Hai Blut says

    it sound kind of scary when they say our puppy is so cute when he’s mad….

  26. karolyn says

    just………what?…excuse me but why aren’t these fucking psychotic mental bitches in an asylum yet?this is fucking assault and trespassing!like someone please arrest these pathetic psychos! this has gone absolutely out of control. what is the police waiting for? for someone to die in order to take action? these girls are not in their right minds and they obviously can’t live a normal life just by how obsessive and crazy they act. how can you have the conscience to do this to a living breathing human being? do they have no feelings and common sense? its so infuriating to see idols you look up to being terrified of their fans. when was this ever right? if nobody does anything about these girls someone is going to get seriously injured. where tvxq/ jyj, shinee, mblaq and other artists and idols sufferings/fears not enough to showcase how terrified they are? is stalking them, sending them filthy messages and threats, and molesting/trespassing/assaulting/humiliating etc their idol not an issue? because you better believe that i think it is. this isn’t right and korea needs to lock up these girls in order for them to get their shit together. like seriously. they might be idols and we might all love them and appreciate them and fangirl but at the end of the day they are human beings with needs, wants and feelings. ignoring this issue will only make these mental people believe they are doing no wrong. before they starts breaking in and poisoning exo (or any other group) they should pass some sort of law about idols privacy ect.we dont want to have the possibility of an idol seriously beinginjured or dying all because of the neglect of this obvious problem.

  27. Guest says

    Who do they think they are anyways!!! EXO is for everyboy to enjoy not just they crazy sasaeng fans! I can’t believe they want to be treated differently! SM should totally get EXO a bodyguard, one for each! Those sasaeng fans all DISGUST me!!! I feel so bad for Baekhyung…. 🙁

  28. Helena Magick says

    WHAT!!?? how can she post that?! She must have mental issues or shit!

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  30. […] They are being touted as being the worst fandom since the days of H.O.T and DBSK thanks to those crazy sasaeng fans. […]

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  32. ChiQah SyafiQah says

    Jinjja!! Sasaengs are not qualified to be called fans. They are just a person with mental problem . Why does Baekhyun have to deal with people like you? Urghhh poor my oppa. I’m sad for him :”(

  33. petrinna yangin says

    insane fan..your all just make them hurt…

  34. Sophie says

    I challenge those Sasaeng Fans to stop being such insane people!! EXO wont swear at you guys but I will swear at you guys, FUCK YOU!. Dont you guys have HUMAN BRAINS? or HUMAN HEARTS? IF one of the Sasaeng fans are reading this, I have a message for you guys. “Stop being animals and start to act like a human. If you love EXO then act like an EXOTIC! not like bitches. If you still have mental problems then go see doctors. There are tons of Doctors all around the world. If you have a problem with me, challenge is accepted but I have to warn you, I wont go easy on you guys and I’m not the only who hates you guys. But If you have a problem with EXO, go FUCK yourself and ROT AND DIE in HELL. Thank you.”

  35. exofans says

    sasaeng are crazy !!
    you should care for their feeling. it hurts them. you are not their fans! you just like a psychopath. stop do that you crazy bitch !!!

  36. maria sophie pangadan says

    sasaeng fans has no right to hurt anyone of the member of exo because exo didn’t do anything with them if i were them i’ll stop why? because exo didn’t do anything to me so they should stop that because exo just working hard for themselves they just having funny moments until now so sasaeng fan should stop if i go to korean to see exo and someone was a sasaeng fan and they hurt one of the member of exo i swear i gonna kill them and i swear no one in sasaeng fan will hurt exo your going to die sasaeng fans to the exo fan like me you will all die even a single pounch or anything that sasaeng fans do to exo they will know where they going to position with me keojo sasaeng fans

    1. Rae Huang Zitao says

      Me too id make sure exo was protected. I dont care if exo looks at me crazy after that but theyll understand why I beat up a sasaeng

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  39. Philippe Serrano says

    There should be a law for invading / stalking privacy.. this poses a serious threat to Idols, either the entertainment or the Korean Government themselves should take actions

  40. Calico Amayze says

    These people give us a bad name.

  41. Rae Huang Zitao says

    Okay thats some creepy ass shit for real. If I was exos manager id make sure each of them have a taser. Omg sasaeng fans get on my nerves

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