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Sasaeng fans plant GPS tracking device in gift to idol

It looks like no idol group is safe from the curse that is sasaeng fans.

Anatashia, a small, dance-based idol group in Japan, recently discovered that one of the gift, stuffed animals that fans sent them had a GPS tracking device embedded into it.

Luckily the boys found the GPS transmitter really quick, and thankfully it wasn’t a hidden camera or anything.

The incident upset the group, and rightfully so.

They issued an official statement on their Twitter account, stating:

“As always, we thank all of you for all of the gifts that you send to us. Unfortunately, one of the stuffed toys we were given the other day appears to have had a GPS transmitting device inside of it. Considering this is quite dangerous, we regret to inform you that we will no longer be accepting stuffed toys as gifts. Thank you for understanding.”

It’s a smart move on their part, and they already have widespread support from fans and netizens for their decision. 

Hopefully, those sasaeng fans won’t try to embed GPS tracking devices into other types of gifts.

Hopefully, they’ll just go away.


Anatashia is a male idol group that focuses on dancing.

They create their own choreographies, and have collaborated with other artists.

Check out one of their dance videos below:

Sasaeng fans plant GPS tracking device in gift to idol


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