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Sasaeng fans steal the “wish” padlocks EXO placed on Namsan Tower


In a unsurprising turn of events, sasaeng fans have stolen the “wish” padlocks that the EXO members placed on Namsan Tower.

You can see EXO writing down their wishes on these padlocks on the episode 7 preview of EXO’s Showtime!

The fans went over to Namsan Tower with padlock cutters and pinpointed the exact location that EXO placed their locks on.

It did help that EXO’s Showtime showed the location on their preview trailer.

Sasaeng fans steal the wish padlocks EXO placed on Namsan Tower 1

For those of you who don’t know, many bridges have special locations where people perform these “wish” rituals.

Most of the time (or at least in my country), it’s couples who participate in these “wish” padlock games. They usually wish for happily-ever-afters and prosperity.

Sasaeng fans steal the wish padlocks EXO placed on Namsan Tower 2

EXO pretty much qualifies as a huge couple because of the members closeness with one another, and because of how many OTPs there are within the group.

Sasaeng fans steal the wish padlocks EXO placed on Namsan Tower 4

It’s unfortunate that sasaeng fans had to steal EXO’s padlocks (and I’m pretty sure that’s a crime), but at least the memories are there. Who knows, maybe the EXO members will write down their wishes on a new padlock, and place them without the fans knowing (but then again, they always know).

Sasaeng fans steal the wish padlocks EXO placed on Namsan Tower 3


Source: On A Land Far Far Away & PANN Nate

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  1. Vanessa Anne says

    How disrespectful! This is too much! Ugh. This pisses me off! Those padlocks we’re important and they just stole it? I had enough of those sasaengs!

  2. Rachel says

    crazy bitches = = jfc

  3. Vivi♥ says

    Oh my god. This is why the exo fandom is dubbed as having the worst fans! They need to stop.

  4. Christine Dayana Oneal says

    im not surprised …REALLY i mean after all they been through with the sesaeng fans they are crazy… Lets face it Bitches will never stop….

  5. Helena Magick says

    ugh, so fucking annoying!!!! seriously, something needs to be done against them. they’re insane! it’s disappointing that they stole their wish locks! i’m sure it was something important for EXO.
    (I wouldn’t steal the locks, but maybe connect my lock with theirs if I ever went to Namsan Tower. but now, (sadly), I can only put it where their lcoks were (that is if someone hasn’t yet put their lock there first).

  6. Akky says

    They could’ve just toke a picture of it, but no they had to steal it. Crazy physcos

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