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Secret Identity of Burning Sun’s “Madam” Has Been Revealed

So we all know what’s going on with the hellfire that is Big Bang Seungri’s nighclub “Burning Sun“, yes?

Well the Taiwanese news outlet, “Mirror Media” has revealed the identity of Madam Lin, one of Burning Sun’s top investors.

She is known as Yi-Ju Lin, wife of one of the biggest gamblers in Taiwan, Yi Guozhu.

Her surname is actually “Tang“.

Madam Lin Burning Sun 2

Her husband runs various gambling sites in China.

He started his gambling business first in 1993 when he opened a casino with some retired police officers from Taichung.

Yi-Jun Lin helped her husband grow their gambling business, even establishing live broadcasts in casinos located in both Las Vegas and the Philippines, allowing a system that lets gamblers place bets online.

She also has an illegal sports gambling website that’s based in the Philippines.

Madam Lin herself is estimated to make up to $13 million every day.

Let’s give you a rundown on how Madam Lin is connected to all of this and why she’s even relevant to this scandalous explosion.

Madam Lin was an investor in Burning Sun, owning 10%-20% of the business.

But she wasn’t just a silent partner.

It was revealed that she is suspected of laundering money through the night club.

She would pay 2-3x her actual bill amount when she attended the club.

She would then receive the difference she paid in a fake, deposit bank passbook.

The passbook was registered under the name of one of the club promoters, with the money listed as an “incentive”. 

Madam Lin spent a lot of money each time she attended the club, with one of her bills totaling up to $200,000 for one table alone.

Burning Sun Madam Lin 3

Investigative journalists said that she and her husband are on another level of power in Taiwan, even surpassing that of a prime minister.

They believed that she and her husband, as well as their connections, are as powerful as the Triad in China. 

When she would make a presence at the night club, all of the employees were terrified, being extremely nervous and making sure to cater and pamper her.

She first met Seungri at a fashion event in 2017.

The two got along well, as most shady people do, and Seungri invited her to his luxurious birthday party in the Philippines.

Madam Lin owned an apartment right next to the Burning Sun nightclub, as well as other apartments and buildings in South Korea.

As soon as the Seungri/Burning Sun scandal broke out, she returned to Taiwan.


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