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Sehun attacked by netizens over “rude” Instagram update

EXO’s Sehun is under fire from netizens over a recent (now deleted) Instagram update he posted.

The “rude” post was literally just him saying, “Nice weather” with a sun emoticon next to it.

That’s it.

But super-sensitive netizens started blasting him, saying that he was very insensitive for posting that during typhoon season.

EXO Sehun criticized by netizens over rude Instagram update

Typhoons are currently hitting South Korean cities like Busan, Ulsan, and Jeju Island, and we do hope that everyone stays safe over in those areas.

But let’s just for a second think that maybe Sehun just wanted to compliment the weather at his current location, and that he didn’t have any ulterior motives.

That is exactly what he told netizens in a statement,

“The weather over here was nice, so that’s why I posted it. I know what is going on in the news right now, and I guess the south is still getting hit with serious typhoons. I hope there won’t be a lot of damage.”

Netizens seemed to overreact constantly to anything posted by a celebrity and are always ready to attack.

Don’t worry about them Sehun. You do you.

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