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Sehun warns sasaeng fans to stop hacking his accounts

Sehun’s starting to have enough of these stupid sasaeng fans and their crazy invasions of privacy.

He wrote a message on his Instagram telling these sasaeng fans that he will take action if they continue to try to hack his SNS accounts.

I’m glad that Sehun is taking a stand, and I hope that he does take legal action against these heinous creatures.

Maybe some harsh, legal punishments will be enough to make these psychos back off.

Sehun warns sasaeng fans about hacking his SNS accounts

On his Instagram account, Sehun posted a black picture with the message,

“This is the first and the last time I will say this. Why is it that I receive so many text messages everyday talking about authorization numbers, password changes, logging in with different IP addresses when I haven’t done anything? If you continue this ridiculous behavior, I will not stand idly by.”

To be honest, I feel like the EXO members are too kind with all of their warnings.

These fans have crossed the line so many times.

These sasaeng fans invaded Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding.

They stole Xiumin’s photo plaque from the BWCW pop-up shop.

They broke into EXO’s dorm and stole D.O’s boxer briefs.

They followed Luhan around in a car and placed a hidden camera in his room.

They recorded private conversations that the EXO members were having.

And so so much more.

It’s about time they get slammed for their invasions of privacy.

I mean, these sasaeng fans have committed numerous crimes already. Maybe some mandated community service or jail time will do them good.

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