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Sehun writes a heartfelt letter to his fellow EXO members


At the recent EXO Cast special on Naver, EXO-K’s maknae Sehun wrote a heartfelt letter to each of his members.

We love Sehun’s letters because he always writes something super adorable and honest.

It’s very adorable how he talks about all of the other members accepting him and taking care of him. I also love how he adds in a lot of humor in as well.

His letters are just one of the many reasons why Sehun is an irreplaceable and important part of the team.

Sehun writes a letter to his fellow exo members

Here is what Sehun says, translated by Tiger96:

“Hello members, I’m the maknae sehun.  You’re all shocked right? I always have these feelings towards the members, but it’s embarrassing to say in words. But because the fans are here, I wanted to say these things. I’ve prepared this. Since I’m reading this with everyone in front of me, I’m really nervous and I think I’m going crazy, but because my heart/feelings are deeply put into this, I didn’t leave a single word out. Please listen. I’ll do this by age order”


“First, the Minseok hyung that looks younger than me: Sometimes, no not sometimes… Often I have tantrums, but because you just laugh and accept me, I’m so thankful.  From here on out, I’ll just have one more tantrum. I REALLY shortened this okay!”


“To my loving Suho hyung: When I’m having a hard time, even if i don’t say anything… I know you understand.  When hyung is having a hard time, because I’m here, don’t worry and call me.  Except when I’m sleeping (lmao).  You can have faith in the maknae”


“To Lay hyung who’s not here right now, but said he would definitely watch the broadcast:  You’re watching well right?  The moment this ends I’m going to make sure that you watched it. I’m going to ask you, “What did Sehun say at 45 minutes and 2 secons?” Film your movie well and don’t get sick. Be healthy. Wo Ai Ni.”


“To ChennyChennyJongdaeHyung: You know I love you right? Hyung always tries to take care of me in all kinds of ways and i know that, but I think that you don’t know how to show it well so I’m very thankful and I love you”


“And Chanyeollie hyung:  Hyung, please stop fooling around now.  We’re all adults now so…like I get a little annoyed sometimes. Haha I’m joking. Sometimes when we’re all tired and the mood is down, because we have hyung I think it’s really good.  Hyung is able to make the mood better, and I like you a lot. I love you.”


“Also, Baekhyun hyung:  Every night you practice your singing really diligently, and I wish you would do that less. It’s annoying.  Why you don’t practice during the day, but during the night…I’m very..curious…” (Chanyeol: As this is going on why is it turning like this…) “As time passes more, together we talk about a lot of different things. Lets talk about a lot of strengthening things too.”


“Also, Kyungsoo hyung:  Truthfully I’m a little annoying right?  Thankfully it’s because i like you so much.  So I reject you rejecting my love (Lol).  Even though I’m a little annoying, you never say you don’t like it and you accept me and I love you so much.  When it becomes spring, let’s go ride our bikes at the Han river..Hyung you can let me ride behind you on the seat”


“And Tao:  Because you treat me like a friend, I’m so thankful.  It seems like we spend the most time together. Because you’re not here, I feel a little lost.  Don’t be hurt…I love you tao”


“Finally, our Kim Kai that keeps getting more and more handsome: We talk a lot and I always get the thought that you have a lot of determination and you’re so hardworking that when I see that I get strength and make me want to work harder.  So…I like you.  I love you. In the future, let’s give each other strength and showcase the best stage together.”


“From here on out, let’s be each other’s strength while showing the best stages.  It’s already been three years with our EXO members, and it feels like time went by so fast, so we have a lot of memories together, and me reading this letter today, will hopefully become another memory later that we can talk about.  Health comes first, so everyone don’t be sick.  We are one.  And lastly, to the fans that love us, I want to say I love you.  You have faith in us, and you love us and you encourage us…me and the members, so the amount that you love us…no, we’ll work even HARDER than that, so keep watching us. Thank you, I love you”


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