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Sexual controversy surrounding “Baby Don’t Like It”

Well if you’ve been listening to NCT 127’s new album, “Limitless”, you’ve probably come across “Baby Don’t Like It” and were wondering,

“Whoa, did SM really let NCT release a song like that?”.

The song is very sexual… like 50 Shades of Gray sexual, and it’s been what fans have been talking about non-stop (what about those bed spring noises near the end… eh?).

What’s bothering some international NCT fans, though, is that there was some mistranslation regarding a certain phrase, making it seem like Taeyong was glorifying physical abuse against women, but we can assure you that that’s not the case.

The lyrics in question are,

“I don’t have any patience, I’m going to 괴롭히다 you until the sun comes up.”

People have been translating 괴롭히다 as torment, bother, and harrass, which is where social media is blowing up.

But he doesn’t mean it as he’s going to physically abuse her. He really means it as he’s going to pleasure her all night long… which the context of the lyrics show.

Throughout the song, he implies that the situation is S&M like, but instead of him being the sadist, he’s the masochist.

He wants the girl to abuse him (which is very strange in itself, but if that’s what you want Taeyong).

Anyway, there’s a whole post on Onehallyu going into detail about this.

So the song doesn’t beautify physical abuse against women, but it IS very, very sexual.

Taeyong really is solidifying that “bad boy” persona.

This song is a huge change from SM Entertainment’s usual innocent songs for their rookie boy groups, but it’s not a direction I dislike.

Plus, even in conservative South Korea, fan girls seem to be loving the song. It was usually ranked right after “Limitless” on the digital music charts.

What are your thoughts on the song?

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