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Shawn Mendes gushes over BTS

It looks like BTS has managed to leave a lasting impression on yet another celebrity.

Shawn Mendes gushed about the boys in a recent interview.

He said that BTS were the most beautiful guys he had ever seen in his life. He didn’t even know that humans could be that beautiful.

He also said that when he met BTS backstage at the American Music Awards, they were very kind and sweet.

He confessed that he rewatched BTS’s DNA performance at the AMAs over a hundred times, just in awe of their talent.

He said their performance felt like a movie that they had to shoot a million times to perfect, and that was incredible.

Shawn also said that if BTS are up for it, he’d love to collaborate with them. Although he jokes that he’ll leave any dancing aspect of the collab to them.

We’d love to see BTS collaborate with Shawn Mendes. Heck, with all of the collaborations they’ve been doing lately, we wouldn’t be surprised if it actually happened.

We’re very happy that BTS has yet another celebrity fan.

Good job guys!

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