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SHINee announces new reality show premiering June 6th

SHINee has announced a new reality show called “SHINee’s Back” that will be premiering on June 6th.

The reality show follows SHINee as they prepare for their comeback on May 25th.

On the show, the members will be sharing stories, showing new sides of themselves, and talking about their late member Jonghyun.

Each episode will have the name of one SHINee title track.

The show will be huge and emotional.

You’re going to want to tune into every episode.

Speaking of which, “SHINee’s Back” will be broadcast both online and on television.

The show will air on Mnet’s online channel, “M2” every Wednesday and Friday, and then premiere on television the following Monday.

We’re a couple weeks away and we can’t wait to watch.

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