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SHINee’s Jonghyun discovered to have committed suicide

SHINee’s lead vocalist Jonghyun was discovered unconscious at his home in Gangnam, Seoul by his older sister.

His older sister was worried about him.

She said she received a suicide note via text message, so she rushed over to his place.

By the time she had arrived, Jonghyun was already unconscious.

She called for an ambulance at around 6:45PM KST.

He was being transferred to a hospital, but did not make it in time.

Gangnam police believe that he committed suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning.

They discovered a brown liquid substance and coal briquettes being heated on top of a frying pan.

We’re so heart broken to have lost such a wonderful and talented person.

Jonghyun was always a stellar human being. He was always wonderful to his fans and he was always standing up for the human rights of those being oppressed.

He will be missed and we hope that he is in a better place.

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  1. Nr says

    I’m Iranian I’m not Ok I’m showel
    jonghyun I LOVE YOU and a sorry
    godby jonghyun

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