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Shinhwa’s Andy is more concerned about 100% than Teen Top

Shinhwa’s Andy stated in an interview that he is more concerned about his new rookie group, 100%, than he is about Teen Top. He said that Teen Top is already successful and that because 100% is just starting out, he “feels the need to take care of them more.”

His statement brought a big smile to 100%’s Minwoo’s face and put a damper on Teen Top’s Chunji’s mood.

Of course Andy cares about both of his groups, but he wants 100% to reach the same level of popularity that Teen Top has reached, and it is a bit more difficult for 100% to become popular idols compared to the rookie groups that come from big names like SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment.

Shinhwa Andy more concered about 100 percent than teen top 1

100% has been doing fine so far however. Their most recent album, Real 100%, peaked on the Gaon weekly Album chart at #3, and Gaon’s Monthly Album chart at #12. Those numbers aren’t as great as EXO’s comeback album, however, they’re still impressive positions.

The group also has a great fan following, and have been well received in the Kpop industry. In 2012, they were nominated for both the “Best Newcomer Male” and “Best Choreography (Bad Boy)” awards for the 2012 So-Loved Awards.

The boys are currently promoting their image and their music on a variety of music shows as well as interviews.

Shinhwa’s Andy may be worried about 100%, but the group is pretty much a shoe-in to becoming future idols. It may take more time for them to do so compared to the other Kpop Rookie groups, but they’ll be able to do it.

Shinhwa Andy more concered about 100 percent than teen top

Hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to see this group appear on more variety shows. They’ve been featured on Weekly Idol a couple of times, as well as Beatle’s Code, and Immortal song, but they could be featured on so much more. If they are able to show off their charms on more variety shows, they’d most definitely be able to gain more popularity. It wouldn’t hurt if they’d show off their beautiful bodies as well.

Source: Soompi

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