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Shroud’s Fortnite Settings (Sensitivity, Anti-Aliasing, Gaming Peripherals, etc)

Last updated: March 2018.

Here are the settings that Shroud uses when he’s playing Fortnite.

Now of course, we recommend that you play around with your own settings to find out what feels most comfortable for you to play with, but if you want to use Shroud’s settings as a starting point, then keep on reading.

Shroud’s Fortnite Settings

Window Mode: Fullscreen.

Display Resolution: 1920×1080 16:9.

Frame Rate Limit: 240FPS.

3D Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (100.0%).

View Distance: Epic.

Shadows: Off.

Anti-Aliasing: Off.

Textures: Low.

Effects: Low.

Post Processing: Low

V-Sync: Off.

Motion Blur: Off.

Show FPS: On.

Shroud Fortnite Settings Computer Mouse sensitivity

Below are his mouse configurations, PC configurations, and gaming peripherals, straight from his Twitch Profile:

Mouse Settings:

Mouse: Logitech G303
In-game Sensitivity: 2.5
In-game setting: Raw Input: 1
DPI: 400

Windows Sensitivity: 6/11 (counting 0, it is the notch in the exact center)

Fortnite Mouse Keybinds:

Build Mode: Mouse Button 4.

Wall: Q.

Platform: X.

Stairs: E.

Roof: F4.

Trap: T.

Map: Mouse Button 5.

Inventory: I.

Pickaxe: Z.

Weapon 1: 1.

Weapon 2: 2.

Weapon 3: 3.

Weapon 4: 4.

Weapon 5: H.

Monitor Settings:

Brightness: 100
Contrast: 50
Sharpness: 7
Black eQualizer: 10
Reset Color: No
AMA: Premium
Instant Mode: On

Gaming PC:

Mobo: ASUS Maximus X Formula
CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K @5.3
OS: Windows 10
SSD: HyperX Predator M.2 2280 960GB
Case: CORSAIR 750D


Monitor: BENQ XL2540 240hz
Headphones: HyperX Cloud Flight
Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Elite
Mouse: Logitech G303
Mousepad: HyperX Fury S
Bungee: Zowie Camade
Microphone: Shure SM7b

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