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SidusHQ’s new Kpop Rookie girl group, 2EYES, makes their debut on M! Countdown

SidusHQ’s new Kpop Rookie girl group, 2EYES, made their debut on M! Countdown with their track “Don’t Mess With Me”. This girl group isn’t like the other happy-go-lucky, pop singing girl groups. They’re going for the more bad girl image and their music is predominantly hip-hop. The song “Don’t Mess With Me” is filled with rap portions, but there are also some powerful vocals to accompany the song with.

The girls of 2EYES will be releasing a debut single album shortly that will be composed of “Don’t Mess With Me” alongside two other tracks called “Bloody Luv” and “This is Irony”.

The girls’ digital single “Don’t Mess With Me” and their music video will be released today.

SidusHQ's kpop rookie girl group 2EYES makes their debut on M Countdown

The girl group is composed of five members: Hyangsook, who is known for her acting role in “Birth Secret”, Hyerin, who is also known as Itaewon Lee Hyori because of her sexy looks and her ability to dance, Da Eun, who is prominent in both dancing and singing, Dasom, who was the winner of JTBC’s audition program “Made In You”, and Yeonjoon, who was a contestant on “The Last Audition of My life.”

It should also be mentioned that member Da Eun is also best friends with EXO-K’s Sehun. They were both seen sitting next to each other during their school’s graduation ceremony, and Sehun mentioned her in EXO’s XOXO “Thanks To” section.

It must be exciting for Sehun to know that his best friend has made it into the world of Kpop and that they will be seeing each other more frequently now on music programs and such. There are rumors going around that Da Eun is actually Sehun’s girlfriend, but it’s all baseless and those rumors should be ceased.

So if you’re an Exotic, you shouldn’t go around attacking Da Eun or 2EYES because of these silly rumors (well then again, you shouldn’t be attacking anyone). Instead, for Sehun, we should be supporting 2EYES in hopes that they can survive their debut and venture onwards to becoming future idols.

You can check out 2EYES performance of “Don’t Mess With Me” below.

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