Sina investigates why EXO’s Kris wants to terminate his contract

It was just revealed moments ago that EXO’s Kris has requested to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment.

Sina, a media outlet in China, further investigated the situation, and they’ve uncovered a few of Kris’s motives.

One of the main reasons as to why Kris wants to leave EXO is because due to his hectic schedule, he has less and less time to spend with his family.

They’ve also discovered that Kris never wanted to be a rapper, but SM made him one anyways.

Sina updates netizens about why Kris wants to leave EXO

He doesn’t get a lot of parts in EXO’s songs as well.

What he really wanted was to be an actor, but he doesn’t get as many opportunities to film a show or movie under SM Entertainment.

Sina also says that since April, Kris has become more and more unhappy with SM Entertainment and EXO.

Sina says that Kris doesn’t really fit well with the other members (but from what we’ve seen on their shows, the members love Kris…).

What I wish is that this is all just a huge nightmare and that we’ll all wake up soon.

It’s an EXOtic’s worst nightmare to have a member leave the group. EXO’s still a young group too.

If Kris does leave… this will sour SM Entertainment’s relationship with the Chinese members of EXO… and the current Chinese trainees in SM.


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