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SK Telecom reveals a dorky teaser for their EXO CF

First off, bravo to EXO for being able to snag a high-level CF gig like SK Telecom! The boys have spent the last week filming a CF for the company centering around the company’s new LTE ventures.

SK Telecom has just unveiled a short teaser for EXO’s CF and it is so dorky and hilarious. I actually can’t wait for the real CF to come out (which will be sometime tomorrow).

In the CF teaser, only Chanyeol, Kai, Baekhyun, and Xiumin are present, and they’re all dorks. They’re dancing around while singing 눝 (nut) over and over. It’s very clever because 눝 actually spells out LTE.

SK Telecom LTE reveals a dorky teaser for their EXO CF

There were some photos leaked that show EXO doing choreography for the actual CF, so I’m very curious as to what we’ll see. What I’m really hoping for is a promotional song! I would love to see these boys dancing/singing a promotional song for once (like INFINITE’s recent song “Request” for their Samsung CF, or Girls’ Generation’s “Chocolate Love” that they performed for their LG CF).

I won’t get my hopes up though. Then again, it’s not like we’ll have to wait very long for the official CF to be revealed. Check out the teaser below!

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