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SM C&C considering giving EXO’s Showtime a season 2

SM C&C is reportedly in talks with local producers about creating a season 2 for EXO’s Showtime!

The reality show starring our favorite boys was such a big hit, making SM consider increasing its longevity.

Looks like EXOtics might have their wishes granted after all.

As of now, nothing is for sure, but we want to say that there’ll be a big chance that EXO’s Showtime will be coming back.

SM C&C in talks of producing EXO's Showtime Season 2

EXO’s Showtime achieved high viewership ratings time and time again, with each episode progressively growing in viewers.

It was so popular that SM C&C even gave syndication rights to China to broadcast EXO’s Showtime on its networks.

We can expect the show to be a huge hit in China as well, considering how popular EXO is over there.

Who knows, this will probably bring EXO an even bigger influx of fans.

We’re happy that all of these great things are happening with EXO’s Showtime, and we do hope that season 2 comes out.

We can’t get enough of EXO eating food, you know?

Credit: SMEnt_EXO

  1. KJM_Hallyu says

    WAAAAHH!!!! DAEBAK!!!! but still …. i feel bad for the boys. they working to much …. sigh. 🙁 All i’m saying, i hope SM won’t over work them. 🙂

  2. Maijun Jamdee says

    I’m happy for that, as a person that loved EXO Showtime, but they already have the comeback promotions to do soon… I guess it wouldn’t be too overworking, replying to what KJM_Hallyu said, but it’s still work in a way… SM, don’t overwork them.

  3. Lynn says

    Oh yesssss !!!!!! I want more Sehun’s YEHET !!!! XD

  4. FracoisAlbien says

    We can’t get enough of EXO eating food you know?…haha…oh so right…..yes!!…thank you SM..

  5. Steffi Bru says

    It’s with the help of EXO Show Time that I and my EXO Fan friends got to know each and every EXO members so well. I think there should be a comeback of EXO Show Time indeed.

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