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SM CEO clarifies Lay’s personal studio situation


SM Entertainment’s CEO, Kim Youngmin, recently spoke with Tencent about EXO Lay’s personal studio.

There were lots of rumors going around that the personal studio was just a bribe to keep Lay from leaving EXO and pursuing his own solo career like Kris, Luhan, and Tao.

All of the accusations were very hard for Lay, who was bashed non-stop this year by EXO-L for working in China and at his personal studio while missing out on some of EXO’s events.

While Lay was talking about his situation at EXO’s showcase, he burst out into tears.

SM CEO talks about EXO Lay's personal studio

Kim Youngmin told Tencent that Lay’s personal studio was always in the works. Although, it wasn’t intended to be only for Lay. It was intended to be for all of EXO’s Chinese members so that they can promote the group while pursuing activities in China.

Because of the other three members leaving so early, Lay was the only Chinese member left and so instead of creating a studio for EXO-M, they decided to personalize it just for Lay.

So to clarify, Lay’s personal studio was not a bribe to get him to stay in the group. He’s staying in the group because he wants to.

Source: lyuanz

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