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SM creates VR dating simulator featuring Red Velvet’s Irene

In a weird, although unsurprising, turn of events, SM Entertainment has just launched a new VR dating app featuring Red Velvet’s Irene!

You read that right.

The app is called STAR DATE #IRENE, and it features Irene in various romantic settings with you being able to look right at her!!…

You can go for a peaceful car ride with her, watch fireworks, and do other romantic date stuff.

There’s also a game aspect to all of this, where you can do missions with Irene and earn points to unlock 3 different endings to your date.

The app is available now in the South Korean mobile app stores.

We’re sure SM Entertainment is currently producing other VR dating apps featuring their other artists.

If they create dating apps featuring the EXO members, we’re positive it’ll be a huge hit for them.

Hell, they might even crash the app store.

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