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SM Entertainment decks out city bus with EXO XOXO advertisement


SM Entertainment is pulling all the stops in promoting EXO’s new full album XOXO. Fans have found images of a bus completely decked out in EXO advertisements. On the sides of the bus are the happy and sexy faces of all of the members of EXO. Behind the bus reads the message “EXO, The First Album, Organization of Team ‘XOXO’.” The bus makes its way around the metropolitan areas of Korea and we’re absolutely sure that once fan girls see the bus, they’ll be screaming with excitement, I know I would. These images were provided by Groovechaja and Punkyspider.

SM Entertainment goes all out on EXO's advertisement - decks out a bus

The promotions will do wonders in promoting EXO’s already incredible popularity in Korea. Even before XOXO officially released, it had already received 300,000 pre-orders. Orders 3 days after its release totaled a little over 70,000, and now we’re getting figures that show that it has just surpassed 80,000 sales!

EXO decks out a bus with EXO advertisement

EXO has just finished up recording an episode for Happy Camp, which is set to air soon. They will be holding a couple of fansign events today; one in Busan at 2PM KST, and another at Daejon at 7PM KST. They will rap up today with a guest appearance on MBC Shindong’s ShimShimTaPa radio at 12AM KST. The boys are going all out with their promotions of XOXO. Much to the excitement of fans everywhere, they will finally be making appearances on several Korean variety shows. Their first variety show will be “Weekly Idol”, which is set to air on June 12th.

For those of you in Korea, enjoy your sightings of the EXO bus. Us interntational fans will remain truly jealous.

SM Entertainment goes all out on EXO's advertisement - decks out a bus 2

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