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SM Entertainment may delay EXO’s comeback until May or July

Due to the Sewon ferry tragedy, industry experts are predicting that many K-Pop artists, including EXO, will be delaying their comebacks to early May or sometime in July.

Many entertainment programs and companies are respecting the families of the victims involved in the Sewon Ferry incident by putting all of their promotional activities on hiatus.

The hiatus is expected to last for another week. Programs will begin to slowly resume their normal schedules from then on.

Because of this horrible tragedy, many industry folk and artists are  unable to muster up the strength to go about their activities, and many viewers aren’t able to do much except watch the news and hope that there is at least one more survivor from this unreal calamity.

EXO's comeback track to be called 중독 Overdose

Since EXO already held their comeback showcase, SM Entertainment will most likely want EXO to resume their promotions in May. EXO also has a busy schedule with promotions in Japan, as well as Chanyeol’s new variety show ‘Roommate” and D.O’s new drama “It’s Alright, It’s Love“.

Chanyeol’s variety show “Roommate” was also delayed, but should debut in a week or two.

SM Entertainment, and every other K-Pop agency, will also want to hold back on promoting any artists in June due to the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

The entertainment industry focuses 90% of its resources on the World Cup, one of the biggest events for South Korea. Because of this, artists who choose to promote in June will have very little viewership and exposure for their comebacks.

It’s unfortunate, considering that June is the anniversary of EXO’s XOXO comeback; their most defining moment and also the moment where they believed they really “debuted”.

EXO’s promotions this time around may hit a sour note because it is taking place so close to the Sewon Ferry incident, and also because on the day of the accident, EXO’s ticket sales went on sale.

It’s unsure whose fault it was that the ticket sales weren’t postpone.

Their concert tickets sold out in only 2 seconds, and it took the #1 search result in search engine trends, frustrating many Korean citizens who wanted more information on the current situation of Sewon.

We hope that there are more surivvors inside of the Sewon Ferry, and we also hope that netizens aren’t too harsh on EXO when they resume their comeback promotions.

Source: Naver

  1. passion burn says

    I’ve waited a year for wolf. There’s nothing I can’t do now.
    Plus, I’m okay with the delayed comeback. The boys could rest and prepare more.
    But I hope everyone gets rescued already and if possible, alive. The families are suffering and the whole country as well.

  2. Maijun Jamdee says

    I don’t think it would be delayed until July. May or June at the least. Though I understand why they delayed it. We need to respect the families that were affected by the Sewol tragedy. It’s a bit rude to post an MV during this time. Especially when this is a comeback video and EXO is basically the hottest thing around right now.

    1. Maijun Jamdee says

      Even so, the Overdose Era already feels kinda dead, and it hasn’t even started!

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