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SM Entertainment pushes EXO’s “Overdose” release date to May 7th!


SM Entertainment has just pushed up EXO’s Overdose mini-album release date to May 7th!

The album, which was speculated to be released on May 31st according to Synnara Records, will go on sale in just a few days to compliment EXO’s comeback schedule.

While it’s only a few days notice, we’re sure many EXOTICS have been saving up their money to purchase the mini-album(s).

We’re glad that EXO is finally making their long-awaited comeback, and we hope they win lots and lots of music trophies.

SM pushes EXO's mini-album Overdose release date to May 7th

EXO will be promoting “Overdose” starting this week and they’ll continue actively promoting their mini-album until the end of this month.

Why? Because they have to embark on their 1st solo concert all around Asia starting on May 24th!

And also because once June hits, there will be no point to promoting since everyone will be focused on the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

But on the plus side of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, since many artists will be avoiding holding any comebacks in June… that means that EXO will be passively winning more music trophies (hopefully!).

They’ll have very little competition going up against them!

Perhaps that was SM Entertainment’s master plan.

Are you excited that “Overdose” will finally be released? We know we are.

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