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SM Entertainment releases EXO’s music videos for “Miracles in December!

It’s finally out!

SM Entertainment has released EXO’s music videos for “Miracles in December“!

As expected, the song is a powerful and great ballad sung by the main vocals of EXO.

For the Korean version, EXO’s Chen, Baekhyun, and D.O are the vocalists and for the Mandarin Version, EXO’s Luhan, Chen and Baekhyun are the vocalists.

The other members, while having no vocals in this video, look angelic as they portray heartbroken lovers.

Sm Entertainment releases EXO's music videos for Miracles in December

I love how Xiumin’s power symbol is shown off in this music video! Him being the representative of Frost.

It was also great how Tao’s power of time was used in this MV as well.

The ballad is breathtaking and EXO’s vocals are amazing as always.

EXO will be holding a special stage for “Miracles in December” tomorrow, featuring only Chen, Baekhyun, and D.O.

SM Entertainment promises, however, that in the future, the rest of the EXO members will make appearances on stage as well.

Without further ado, check out EXO’s MVs for “Miracles in December” below!

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    there was so much product placement for nature republic hahaha

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