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SM Entertainment releases sasaeng-friendly flight package!

So SM Entertainment must have lost their collective minds because for some reason, they think putting their artists together with their sasaeng fans on a 9-hour flight would be a great idea.

We’re not kidding.

SM Entertainment is now offering a “SM Global Package” for their “SMTOWN Live World Tour VI in Dubai”.

The package costs $3800, and it allows fans the opportunity to fly with their favorite idols on their way from Dubai to Japan for the World Tour.

The SM Charter Flight gives fans souvenirs, a guide and bus service to-and-from the concert, an MD pre-order service, accommodations, in-flight events, and of course the flight tickets.

So aside from the obvious sasaeng issue that this package would entail, fans are also worried about the health of the SM Entertainment artists.

The idols won’t be able to relax and sleep during the flight because of course they have to accommodate their paying fans through the event.

They also have to wear full make-up during the flight and maintain their positive, bright personalities for the 9-hours.

The only upside to all of this is that fans who purchase this package have to sit in economy while the artists will be staying in business-class or first-class.

So at least there’s some semblance of privacy SM’s artists.

Although details weren’t released about whether or not fans can only interact with artists during the event, or if they can get up anytime to talk to them.

We’re hoping there’s a bunch of security on these flights.

What do you think of SM’s new global package?

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